Anyone ever heard of "Schwazzing"

Just watch a video on YouTube w/ a cat named Josh Haupt.
Kinda goes against what I watched from Kyle Kushman.
Just wondering if anyone has tried that method.
I haven’t seen it mentioned here.

Guess they have a nute line too.


Can you link video?


Read a few posts that mention it. Latest was from @yoshi maybe he will come around an give you a run down on it.

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I did what was called that, according to @yoshi
By doing that, I had zero larf. Every bud was smokable. :+1:t2::v::sunglasses:


Interesting. Would love to read his description @yoshi

Is that something you do by yourself or do you need company???

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You can do it by yourself but you’re supposed to sit on your hand til it goes numb first.

Seriously tho…just don’t. Just because a guy on the YouTUbes with a bunch of subscribers did it doesn’t make it anything more than Broscience.

Hear you go.

Here is day one of light flip.

22 days after flip.

This is 26 days after light flip.
Day of defol.

This is 10 day later.

Day of harvest.

One thing I can say is, I had 0 larf. Every buds was nice and frosty, sticky, and definitely smokable.


That was about a 32”x34” scrog. I got 14 oz. I think mainly because of @yoshi :clap:t2::+1:t2::v::sunglasses:


Schwazzing is a term used to describe an intense form of defoliation. The process involves removing many fan leaves from a plant, allowing much more light to pass through to bud sites.May 9, 2018


BTW, just dropped two Lambs Breath autos today. What can you tell me about trimming?

Not specifically talking about this kind of trimming.

At 21 days and what not. Can you do the same normal kind of trimming 21 and 42 days?

That’s kinda what I do. Although the second trimming is more ongoing than all at once. A final defoliation ahead of the chop (for my convenience).

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Daaaaaumm! Tag me in your grow brother, would ya? Looking nice, and scraggly… haha So did mine though… lol

Thanks brother I appreciate that! :+1:t2::v::sunglasses:

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