Anyone ever have a MK Ultra that has no smell?

Was thinking this plant would be to smelly for indoor.
About 3-4 weeks left with nitrogen being eliminated about 10 days ago.

Blue Dream "plant not in photo "on the same reservoir is one of the best smelling plants ever.


They look great! I’ve had some plants start out real smelly and then die out after a couple weeks. Then I’ve had some that smelled differently throughout the whole grow :wink:

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Grab some terpenator

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If your running synthetic

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I grew 5 Sour Diesel plants from seed outdoor this year. Of the 5, 4 had a powerful aroma while growing and after cure.

One had almost no smell while growing, and after cure same story. Same raised bed, same sun, etc. it’s the genetic luck of the draw.


GH non organic with FP and KB

Not all plants will have a smell. My Blue Dream wasn’t a strong smelling plant but she sure does have the blueberry smell in the jar.

Now my GSC Beast I just pulled would sometimes smell strong and other days it didn’t have a smell.

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I had MK Ultra X Power Africa what leans totally MK side and she don’t have no smell. No Smell, I cloned her too and clones smell free too. Plant another one and again totally smell free. High is little low to me but beautiful buds. I get some seeds too and write on package where I store them “Smelless”, get some of them my friends too and both them live in apartments and this strain is stealth as fu… :grin:


Just scared because this was the mother for my next 2 flowerings “22 weeks” Only 3 weeks left and still venting out to neighborhood without the filter on.