Anyone ever experience or see this.......?

Ha anyone ever seen this…
This seed seems to have twins?..
after the seed cracked open…There was a seedling floating totally separated from the seed itself
and still another seedling with a taproot and cotyledon still inside the seed?
I planted the “loose” one thinking it wouldn’t sprout but it did (pics to come)
I haven’t planted the second one yet but will…here they are.

This one is the one inside the seed. :point_up_2: :point_up_2:

The “loose” one. :point_up_2: :point_down:

It is an auto…“Trizkit”…from NASC…
Lets see what happens?..


It happens on occasion. Here are a few other threads on it…


Thanks @Spiney_norman …Hmm I looked at those posts … similar in that some had two tap roots per…but these are two separate seedlings in one seed…
like I said I`m going to post more when more shows up
here is the “loose” one starting to emerge from soil.


Someone around here had one, but I don’t remember who. Maybe @kaptain3d ? Or maybe Kap remembers who. :joy::v:


Not me… But one of our friends on the other side has one going right now… :nerd_face:


It was @Not2SureYet


I had the ix shooter auto give 2 tap roots. I split mine into 2 plants.I think it is kabongster that now has a twin going right now that he his growing with 2 heads coming out. His is looking pretty cool.

This was mine before I separated


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Okay update…They both died… :sob: I lost my twins… :scream:
It just wasn’t meant to be… :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: They were freebies anyway…
I have more on the way and some already in flower…journal ? We shall see?..
Thanks to all…

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