Anyone ever cultivated a Gushers photoperiod plant?

Its been 2 weeks and I see no change in the plant. My Hibiscus started tightening up after 5 days. I read that gushers are a slow strain, but 2 weeks??? It is bushy and very healthy looking.

I’ve never grown a Gushers but I have grown a strain where Gushers was a parent. I gotta be real with you, I’ve never had such an absolutely slow flowering plant. Granted, she took 8-10 weeks of true flower just like most, but she took a good 10-14 days just to decide to produce pistils. Another 7 days or so and she was finally moving right along. So it was a very slow start - I didn’t realize that was a trait from the gushers - but it does make sense now knowing that.

wow Graysin, thank you so much. You have put my mind at ease. I thought maybe it wouldnt flower at all. Its nice to know your experience with this. It is day 15 and there are 0 pistals. The plant is bushy and healthy, just super slow. Yes, there are comments on the internet about this strain.

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Yep, absolutely. Just hang in there. One day you’ll turn around and she’ll be flowering and you’ll wonder when the heck that happened. :v::100: