Anyone else using a greenhouse for an outdoor grow setup?


@Growit looks awesome your set ups great sized space. Do you think the supplimental light also assisted your yield?


My tent is making progress. I hope to scrog the plants along the sides. I dropped them down to the middle shelf (I doubled the shelves for added strength @Mudcrab01). Maybe I should drop the plants all the way to the floor and scrog them to the middle and top shelves? Have to get some string to run but I think the framing of the greenhouse is going to come in handy.

@MattyBear @tylan @North_East_Newbie

The two SSH came out of the 3x3 and we will see how they do out here


They look terrific! I think you may be understanding how big those will get in flower though! :wink::kissing_heart:


@Momtomask Looks great and a stronger set up now. I would keep them where you have them a little more airflow under the pots won’t hurt.


Those girls will be happier outside, with now room to grow. If they are photos, v then they will stay in veg until the days get to 12/12 (usually around mid September where I live). Keep that in mind when setting up the SCROG. They will be big beautiful bushes!


For sure!
I have some white widow autos a northern lights and a blackberry kush outside now with no supplemental lighting and they are super tiny in comparison to the ones that did receive supplemental lighting. My seedlings started in the greenhouse with supplemental lighting were easily 3times larger than the ones that I just put outdoor
So what I did was figure when sun came up and went down then had my t5s on a timer to make an18/6 light cycle and definitely was the way to go rather than just letting them do thier thing outside with no supplemental lighting


Wow really cool set up @Momtomask!! And healthy looking girls! Well done. Just love greenhouses big and small just a really nice way to grow.


Thanks @Growit for sharing that bit of info. It’s confirmation of what I was told in my topic :+1:


mine is so damb hot…they didnt put a cross draft window in so gets over 100F…Its a 8x10


Looks good @413Grower maybe a solar fan may help?


That would be cool…you have a link or page where i might get one?


Just search solar greenhouse fan. I will have a look for the link.