Anyone else using a greenhouse for an outdoor grow setup?


Just seen the before pic. Back two green crack auto and an Alien vs Triangle auto. Front row Aurora Indicas, going in the ground next week. Have a few more autos for the house later on.


Your going to be busy, tag me in the grow if that’s ok thanks.


this is my setup built it myself


Love it and the plants seem to really like it also what strains do you have growing? @Crikkett01


Wish I could say. I had 10 seeds I got over last year out of a bag here and there. Good bud so I’m hoping it’s a good strain. Had 9 take. 1 broke in the wind so I’m down to 8


That’s ok better than none I am sure you will catch that lost plant up with the rest


That’s an awesome greenhouse!!! Where did you get it if you don’t mind me asking?


Nice job @Crikkett01 and welcome to the forum!


Found it on Amazon. New is almost 200, got it used (very good condition) for $92. No complaints yet.


My Mother’s Day greenhouse :hugs:


Their good those ones @Momtomask have a couple here for other plants I keep. A great gift to receive😊.


Thanks - my grown kids are my “patients” so it was cute and appropriate. The final spot for it has yet to be determined but they got it put together while I did the transplanting. I put all my GL monster clones and one SSH out there in 3 gal pots.


Didn’t even have to set it up that’s another bonus. I can’t wait to see how they go for you. First time growing these strains form me. Mine are still in veg here maybe another 6 days maybe longer depending on growth, before the flip to flower. Days here are getting shorter and shorter so I am thankful I have The supplementary lighting that’s for sure.

Problem with the extended veg I have had way to long to think about the next bean purchase :joy::joy::joy: but think I have settled on it.


whats up mudcrab,i set up a green house for this season well it’s actually white 10-9-8 size I "ve filled a 5 gal bucket of water placed a rotate fan water bucket behind fan I started out in late march.also had 4 windows and 2 roll up doors,i keep the doors always open and at least 3 windows open I leave I window open when expecting rain also I turn the fan on around 9 has got up to 113 degrees in I turn fan off around 6 p.m.i have noticed the 5 gal bucket id almost half empty and my plant’s love the green house I have pic’s if I can figure out how to up load hope this has answered your concerns grow on bro


@budman1 no concerns with the grow as yet just trying to link up with other people growing in Greenhouses. Make sure you link me in to your journal if you have one I would like to follow along.


I’m aboard

Little empty right now. I order this online and cost only 100$/110€. I’ve try this year greenhouse too.


It was my first grow and was a great learning experience
Now that I have my indoor set up not sure how much I am gonna use the green house


Lookin awesome @MattyBear


I started these in December

Supplemented light with t5s till end of March then put em outdoor but they all went into flower earlier than I thought so had to build an indoor grow room to finish them


This was on Monday