Anyone else using a greenhouse for an outdoor grow setup?


Thanks. I keep looking at the 6x8 one and another similar brand on Amazon. Just saving up for one now. :+1:


They have good ventilation, two windows one front one rear and also the bottom does not meet the growing and also allows airflow. Strong structural integrity, have both lights hanging off the internal beam.

The material itself is interesting for what it provided in regards to light.


Thanks for the tag @TDubWilly
Greenhouse is lookin great and love that you have airflow from underneath that is very cool

This is the first grow set up


Here it is this year not using it currently, too hot but used it for my seedlings and supplemented light with t5 fixtures

The biggest issue is ventilation and heat
So fans are a must also shade screen is great to control temps
Greenhouse growing is fun especially when you have the confidence that your girls are somewhat out of the elements
Also having the sun with sup lighting is awesome I think you will enjoy the benefits of a greenhouse in your area


Here they are now, started in the greenhouse now super happy outside
They are all in flower not happy about it but it is all good building a grow room to finish them in door
Happy growing and hope you love your greenhouse as much as I have enjoyed mine @Mudcrab01


It has been good so far, I am normally a gorilla grower but the idea of the greenhouse was to much to not try. What strains have you grown in the greenhouse and how were your yields on that? What would you have done differently? @Growit

Thanks for sharing the pics they are great. Pretty lucky here with the weather temps. I think the worst part is a prolonged veg for me as it is sometimes tempting to fiddle a little with them and that can be a bad thing :joy::joy::joy:.

They have been topped twice but was thinking of fimming them once now as have large containers and the time in veg to support that.


All this talk about green houses and your pics bro went out and got myself a lil one :point_up:️ for my girl she’s all most there i think she will love her new home :house_with_garden: Uploading… Uploading… Uploading…



That looks awesome gonna be a good yield @Caosred


Northern lights and blueberry autos from ILGM
About an oz per plant
Not bad for autos and the smoke was quality


Random pics of the last grow in the greenhouse


Great pics, looks like some
Good smoke there. Have you tired extended veg in a greenhouse yet?


I’m thinking about six oZ off her my last one 17oz one plant :seedling: ww


Wicked but with that green house i would be doing bigger plants than that autos are good but nothing on em


That’s a good haul, yes get that re the bigger plants. At the moment in my mind I am really concentrating on growing root mass as part of the veg, if that makes sense.


Yes it dose i wouldn’t be worried about that just keep doing what you are thay be fine


Got my greenhouse set up the other day. Waiting on some WW to occupy it now.
Here is before I added some extra vents and staked it down.

And inside


That’s looking real good I learnt early to make it nice and tight and water proof. Funny thing is the whole greenhouse when you start looks nothing like it will when it is running is like an evolutionary thing…can’t wait to see your grow power on.


Just set mine up today 5 feet X 5 feet X 6.5 feet.


Looking good now just need to fill it. What strains are you going to have in there @bruinsfan33