Anyone else using a greenhouse for an outdoor grow setup?


@Countryboyjvd1971 does greenhouse grows too.


I just got lucky as it was originally $100. It has some flaws in design (like only two rings to attach ground ties for the skin) but I think I can make it work.


still a great deal, thats a good find. you could always use some rope and tie it to the top edges and tie the end of the rope to some big rocks or cinder blocks :+1:


I’m thinking along that line also :+1: I also have gorilla tape which I can make extra tie tabs with. As my Dad use to say, there’s more than one way to skin a cat :grin:


:+1: love it.



thats the one i got its been in 50s and partly cloudy and it get in the 90s by 10 o’clock got leave door open still getting low 30s high 20s at night


I will be setting up my greenhouse June 1!
@TDubWilly you’re greenhouse looks great man!
Can’t wait for this years outdoor grow :v:


I have two of theses 8 foot at peak
9x10 x 8 foot paid around 100$


I have looked at something similar but wondered how well it would hold up in 50+ mph winds. But I’m just going to see how well my little one does first.


Looks good @Countryboyjvd1971 what strains do you grow, what are your yields like in these greenhouses.


Will get some pics of mine today after work.


Man that’s a pissa I’m a outdoors grower and I’ve never used them but I’m telling you thay will work good my next season I’ll be getting one :point_up:️ myself keeps them warm safe from critters witch is the biggest problem growing outside but yer man wicked green house let me know how it all pans out ayy??


Will do @Caosred



Ok so here is my set up with the other plants I use for ”cover” removed. The fan on the left is an industrial type. Reminds me I need to string the Scrog nets today.


I’m just curious, but could one little old lady :older_woman: put that up by herself? :blush:


Yes took me one hour and comes with very long ground pegs and tie downs if needed. Brand is Shelter Logic


Thanks. I keep looking at the 6x8 one and another similar brand on Amazon. Just saving up for one now. :+1:


They have good ventilation, two windows one front one rear and also the bottom does not meet the growing and also allows airflow. Strong structural integrity, have both lights hanging off the internal beam.

The material itself is interesting for what it provided in regards to light.