Anyone else using a greenhouse for an outdoor grow setup?


I am usIng a greenhouse for an outdoor grow set up and wondering if anyone else is doing this at the moment.


At the moment, no. But I bought and plan on using this year 2 pop up green houses. 5ft x 5ft x 5ft. Mostly for my autos.


I am an indoor grower taking my first stab at a green house. Here’s my “lean to” greenhouse I built on my deck. Since it’s not built into the earth I get a some air flow coming in from underneath the deck which helps.

@Growit gotta better greenhouse than me!


That’s awesome.


Plan one using a 3 foot tall by 6 foot long, going to do some LST on them. Got it from Amazon


I’m getting ready to set up my portable greenhouse, hopefully this weekend

It’s 4.5x4.5x6.5 and after some tweaking structurally I plan on using it for autos. I will orient it North and south will door open north.


Nice one . …


Sounds good shouod have plenty of autos in there what the weather like? @daddydays


That’s excellent a craftsman as well as a green thumb. @TDubWilly


Looks and sounds good @SmoknGranny


Thanks. I just hope that it will last at least one summer without getting blown away :joy:


That’s my grow at the moment will put pics up here later today of the set up.


I’m already following it, I think :thinking:


Just wondering why choose the greenhouse? For me was to ensure cover from being seen out door whilst having them in a smaller yard with limited space. Also to protect from the weather we have where I am and to allow me to use supplemental lighting when the days are becoming shorter and cooler. My greenhouse is a 1.8mx2mx2m ShelterLogic set up.


@SmoknGranny not good about that, mine are held down by the weight of the two grow lights contained within it :joy::joy::joy:.


I’m doing it for pretty much the same reasons other than I won’t be using any electric. I also have mosquito netting I’m thinking of using somehow to try to keep insects down to a minimum. I got really good at doing the Horned :bug: Dance :dancer: last summer from my tomatoes. :rofl:


@SmoknGranny I plan to veg a while and the rain really impacted the plants early up near killing them so that has extended it more. I also needed the extra light as the dry season is here with day time temps getting cooler between 30c - 24c and nights getting between 22c and 16c. The lights extend the available light hours for me but once the veg is done back to no lights and to let them flower. Hoping the ever cooling temps due at the time of the flower bring the colours out in the different strains.


Trust me that if I didn’t have bad electric wiring in this house I would utilize it for my greenhouse :slightly_smiling_face: However, I’m hoping that I can keep good air circulation, etc., with some tweaking here and there as needed :crossed_fingers:Theoretically, I should have plenty of sunshine between now and the fall as I may try one photo along with the autos. My biggest concern is our storms here. I’m basically living in a tornado alley :worried:


No good about the tornado, we had the worst flooding in 30 years a month ago here massive tropical monsoon storms. That said the greenhouse remained water proof and didnt blow away :joy::joy::joy::joy:.


im just using mine to keep the ladies dry, stop the rain water from over watering