Anyone else use clay pebbles?

Just curious if anyone else uses clay pebbles, if so, could you take a pic of your setup with plants?

I do ill send now. Mine is a dwc but with clay rocks. Its great. Plants love it. Basic to use.

Look great! Is that with rockwool? How did you plant it there without anything?

I hope these pictures can help you. I use hydroton (expanded clay pebbles). I’ve been working on a way to start a seed with nothing at all but a bubble cloner, I started a thread called, “sprout a seed in bubble cloner”. Check it out, and ask any questions, the guys on the fourm will take care of anything.

No mate. I started in soil for a week then when its big enough to hold in soil i pop it over to the dwc. Gently clean the dirt off roots.
But ktrezzs thread hes got its awsome. Ive never seen anything like it. Im gunna try his method on my next grow.

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