Anyone else having trouble accessing their store account?


I am trying to use the same account that I always have 4 orders and a bom freebie all worked fine now it wants to create a new account . Do you just make another one? Don’t want to have to loose my tag name oldstoner has become a comfortable moniker. Is it a glitch or am I being stupid


i know they have been making changes to website @Oldstoner
i have experienced troubles uploading pics from phone ,but no account problems i know of…
let us follow chain of command, @Countryboyjvd1971 @Hogmaster
i hate to call in roy this early maybe our mods. can help.


Let me see what I can do let me know if it works @Oldstoner thanks @BIGE


There we go I put You back to regular status so you should be good to go let me know if there’s any issues


It was like I was a never been there or had a account. I don’t mind creating one I just dont want support thinking I’m trying something wonkey . I need to update by billing info on the main site the seed bank is where things are missing . Thank you for your help guy’s. I think some Granddad purple is in order for my next grow.


Woohoo guy’s I made a discovery. Somehow my store account got de activated and I had to redo my info well when I did that it took me to my account info page and low and behold ALL my past orders and order # were there . Now all the grows back on the books


good deal @Oldstoner


Hello @BIGE yeah I was one of those guy’s that had deleted all my old emails and emptied the trash so when I found that I was a happy camper


Nice buddy I also put you back at regular stat so you should be back to where you where here on the forum it changes if you haven’t been on a while :wink:


thanks @Hogmaster


Anytime buddy


That may be what happened to the store account also @Hogmaster I had not had to get beans in a while and that was probably it on that account also . Still have about 30 assorted seeds but some of the newer strains sound to good to pass up


I about have to tie my hands behind my back so I don’t place another order. Haha
There’s so many I want to try. Thanks everybody have a good night


Im not sure how long ago you last order was but about 6 months ago maybe a little longer tbey changed things up when they separated the forum and seed bank i had to start a new account there as well all my old info transferred over to new account tho in my case easy breezy
I was probably a Automatic thing with server @Oldstoner


Yeah man I’m pretty sure that is what happened to me also . Once I digured out what it wanted it was a simple fix just started the process and presto everything was already there . The best part was they added all the past orders and order #s so it was recoverable now we can compete with all 6 strains in my seed bank except white widow ( Nov 2016s) winner . @Countryboyjvd1971


why cant I submit complaints to customer support without getting 404 error messages?
I ordered 30 pack of autos half of the initial 15 did not sprout and showed off colored taproots
. I want to know if there is something that can be done about my bad seeds… order #250046


@ILGM.Support.Roy @ILGM.Support.Claire we have a customer that needs some assistance thank you @aukzz see if we can get you taken care of sorry to hear that


@All keep in mind that the store account and forum account are two separate accounts.

@Oldstoner glad it worked out!

@aukzz I’ve just tested the contact form on desktop with Chrome, Edge and Firefox but was not able to replicate the 404 message you’re seeing. If the issue persists you can send your support email to