Anyone else having iPad trouble?

Have you cleared the browser cache?
Worked for me on PC when I couldn’t upload pics.
i suppose anything is worth a try!


I have a iPad X pro and I’m on IOS 15.2, this is what @1HappyPappy was talking about. You’re not getting the latest software fixes


I’ve tried all of the above suggestions and there’s no available updates. At this point I’m just hoping it goes away on its own

Your iPad is too old for the new system updates. If you can use another device that is really your only option now.

I used to use androids all the time until I got tired of burning through one every other month. Those were also new brand name phones. Bought a used apple 4 and used it for about 2 years! Back was held together with duct tape and had flown off the car once or twice before I finally upgraded.