Anyone else growing G13 AFs outdoors?

I germinated and sprouted 4 seeds, 3 are progressing normally (and looking strong!), but one is odd. It only has one pair of (huge) leaves, and an odd looking sprout shooting out of the top of that pair. Anyone else see this? Is it a G13 thing, an AF thing, or just an XFile??

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I’ve seen this before. The fella who had the plant said it was like it had topped itself.

Maybe, maybe and I hope so…

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Yup, me too… that would be AWESOME!! :rofl:

getting overloaded with info on outdoor AF grows, decided against topping/fimming them at this point. I’ve had 3 grows so far, 3 strains… and drastically different results WITHIN the strains (4plants, totally different physical structures) and obviously, between the strains. But I’d hate to trim in an attempt to improve output, only to reduce it!

I never got a big auto. That’s one of the reasons I don’t grow them. I am looking at a ruderalis strain that is supposed to be rather large. (.1-1% THC and as much as 8% CBD) Karla lets me have a fair budget for genetics and I’ve saving all my pennies for it. I wish ILGM offered regular seeds.


I’ve grown AFs, with decent yields. They’re nowhere near the size of photo plants, but your results are much quicker. You have a good sense of what you’re going to get in 4wks… and in 10-12, you can harvest. If you stagger your planting, the output during a full season can give a crop of photos a run for their money :wink: