Anyone care to chime in on these trichomes?

White widow auto. First indoor grow in a very very long time. I know the pics aren’t the best but I think I’m seeing mostly cloudy, a few clear and an Amber here and there.

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I’m thinking you are right there. I’m seeing a lot of milky. Think at this point it’s just up to the high you’re wanting.


Thanks! I’ll wait until at least the weekend, I’d like to get the new girls moved into that space. Also, I’m not a huge couch lock fan…

From the looks of your pics I’d say another couple of weeks yet.+/-
Still a lot of white pistils standing up.
And too the tric shots of the leaves on the bud. :thinking:
You’d want to look at the bud itself. Leaves will show amber about a week before the buds are ready.


I am with @Oldguy lots of white pistils still got time! :point_up_2: :ok_hand: :v:


Not a lot of time left but she’s almost there. I think you want 80-90% of dark pistols.

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U got some bulking to do dont cut your self short :sunglasses: :ok_hand:

Agree give it more time. Two weeks or more based on pistils and condition of plant
White Widow auto - day 87

Trichomes also day 87

Two weeks later - day 100


She collected a lot of dust during grow and received a bud wash when harvested


@beardless wow! I just checked and I took those pics on day 87…

How about that. I cut that WWA on day 101. Of the nine I have grown 7 have been 100 - 106 days. The two were 90-100. Yours is looking good and may be on the longer side.

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I was just having a smoke and checking them out, they definitely need more time. Point taken… I think my newbie patience was being tested and this isn’t the time to get in a rush. Glad I have a place like this to get solid advice from some great folks!

This leads me to another question… my new girls, 2 GGA’s are about 7-10 days from needing more light and I don’t have much of on option as I was hoping the current grow would be chopped and out of the way. The room is set up with a 600w hps air cooled light for flowering. I have another 150w hps light I could set up to the side for the new plants. Any possible issues with that? They’re on 18/6 and I have good ability to control the temp/rh. Once the flowering plants are out of the way I can change back to the mh bulb to finish veg on the new plants