Anyone about coinbase

Im trying to use this bitcoin on ilgm seed and i sign up and it is going to olny let me use 50 of what i got on the card just seeing if anyone could point me in the right decision thanks

the rules are always changing ive been using coinbase over a year. u probably need to givethem a bunch of ur info then you be able to transfer more $$$

Thanks ill try that

cheers! good luck

The initial set up is a pain in the ass bit after that it’s easy. You will need your cc card and DL and a way to take a picture of your DL.

I did all of that and it just wont let me spend anymore then 50 right now i contacted the support team so hopfuly thay can help me i dont want to have to send money throw the mall thats my last resort

There are domestic sources that take cc

Im not shur what u mean by that

Support should explain what you need to transfer any amount you wish.

BTW…major credit cards will process…IF…you call the card company let them know you will be making an unusual or international purchase. They will leave a notice to clear the expected transaction without problems.

the coin base method is a pia to setup…then it will be smoother.

it used to be easy. govt regulations f-ed it up

I finly got my order to go through thanks for the help

Thank u for the help i got my order to go through and happy growing

Thank u for the help and happy growing

BTW I saw an article online about Bitcoin. Even though the price is falling world-wide usage is still increasing. It’s competing directly with ■■■■■■■■■■ in terms of volume!!

Thank u im going to check in to it i got my coinbase started now i just got to build it up and figer out how it works every thang iv seen looks like it something to get in to im just new to all this technology

Once u get the hang of it it’s so much better than credit cards. Such old tech slows us down in the world today. And so expensive!! Credit cards, it’s time to take you outside, say a prayer and put a match on u. U are the males and hermies of the economy