Anybody using Photosynthesis Plus?


Was wanting to know if it’s worth using seems like it would be easy but does it work ? Thanks


Yes it is good


@Fever Thanks I will get a bottle. Should you stop using when you start flower or 2 weeks before you harvest. last 2 weeks are just water.


Doesn’t matter in my opinion. The company says you can keep using it every watering.


@Fever You could have warned me that it stinks so bad. (lol) Have you tried any of there other products ?


No I didn’t know they had any others


@Fever They have complete line of nutes $13 for a sample pack that includes shipping and I also found some nutes called Vegamatrix but don’t know anything about them.


@Gonnatry2 I use it in conjunction with NOTG. Works really well, smells terrible!, but works! One of the only products i saw working after 1 use. Normally by time i let my containers dry completely between waterings, and right before id water the leaves would be droppy and u could see she was thirsty. After first use of photo+ the leaves were still looking good and still pointing up when it was time to water. I use about 1ml every other feeding, per gal.


@Familyman420 I just gave them there first dose so I will use 1 ml per gallon once a week. Thanks


Hey buddy how are the girls liking that photo plus? I recently starting mixing photo+ with bloom khaos as a foliar feed, my girls like it.


@Familyman420 My ph run off was low so I flushed them never went back to using it I will wait and try it out the next time.