Anybody used the wide lip net pot covers? Need to know if i'm about to screw up!


Hey all, been doing my grow with a 5 gal bucket dwc and cut a hole in the top to stick a 3" net pot in. I bought some 6" wide lip covers that will allieviate me having to cut a hole for the net pot. My plan is to start in rapid rooters in 3" net pots with hydroton supporting it, grow em in my small seedling nursery/cloner bubble contraption I built, and when they have started getting some decent growth, move the 3" netpots into the 6 “netpot covers, fill around with hydroton, and have them each in their own 5 gallon bucket. Is the depth of those 6” netpots going to cause me problems is what i’m kinda getting at. If it is, then it will be back to holes in the bucket lids. Any thoughts would be greatly appreciated, firsthand especially!


I use the 6 inch and love them,keep nute solution about an below the pots and you are good to go


thanks, I was just kind of worried about the depth. Reckon I can use a little less solution, do a few more frequent bucket changes, lol! I’m fixing to harvest a bagseed sativa heavy plant on Saturday morning, should be a nice yield. It might not be all the way cured, but by God i’m gonna have me a smokey Christmas, lol!


I do 1/4 nute solution to start and each change i increase. Until im at full power


Always exciting to sample your new stock


Thanks man, I was already thinking about doing a reduced nute for the startup, wasn’t exactly sure what I should reduce to, but your method sounds like it will be the ticket!


Im sure others more experienced than myself will chim in any time now. @ktreez got me started on dwc,i love it and will never go back to dirt. Once you get the feel for it seems to be much easier


I’ve had some success in the past, that sativa I 'm getting ready to harvest i’m real happy with, but I’ve been learning a lot. Checking what people are doing here, checking out online training from the nute companies, getting better with my science. Took a few years of not knowing what I was doing, then deciding to do a little more research, and i’m getting better all the time. One of the things I really dig is checking out the equipment that people are coming up with for their grows, and trying to either reverse engineer things or modify them slightly. Keeps me busy, lol!


I get a charge out of that myself,you can find anything you wanna know on this site, even new stuff that is out,differant ways to manipulate ph


ive been using the GH Flora trio, been thinking about adding some supplements to the grow this time around. Not sure which ones would be the best, so I guess I better get to researching, lol! I was reading some articles online today about the different supplementation, B vitamins, etc. I just kind of need to really do a cost analysis. Something I know how to do, but the main reason I have a lot of college hrs and no degree is I never took the math classes, lol! I’m like a math class short of 3 associates, but I just wanted to take classes I was interested in, lol! Cost analysis involves creating a spreadsheet and adding in the formulas, something that makes me want to jump off a cliff, lol!


I do the same tri, plus all the recomended stuff, it all plays a certain part at differant times and quantities