Anybody recognize this problem?

Strawberry kush grown indoors from seed in coco under led. Feeding with General Hydroponics nutrients and Recharge. Nute solution ph @ 6.5 before feeding. Week 5. I don’t know my ppm but according to the feeding chart I use it should be around 700-900 ppm going in. 18/6 light schedule, 78 degrees constant, 50-60% humidity, 900 ppm CO2.

Anybody recognize this problem with the leaves?


You want nutrients going in to be around 5.8
Are you adding cal-mag with other nutrients?
I always add cal-mag then micro -grow-bloom


Yes, they are getting Calmag.

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@Hashtonbutcher is correct ph in coco needs to be 5.8-6.0 where soil is up around 6.5
Coco is opposite of soil plants don’t do well when coco dries out. The plant appears to be in a smaller container make sure the pot has enough drainage holes and feed for run off 25-30% at least 3 times a day. In a 5gal bag feed for the same run off daily. Feeding cal mag isn’t necessary every time but occasionally is a good feeding routine.

Unless your under extreme lighting not really needed.