Anybody order the new ILGM G13?

Clicked on the home site today on my way to the guides and saw the G13 banner at the bottom flashing and was intrigued. So I read about the strain.
TBH, I’ve heard of G13 but didn’t know the back story.
Once I read the story, the reported effects, and the YIELD I immediately ordered!

Up to 40oz PER PLANT outdoors and crazy powerful high? Not to mention ILGM genetics, while I’m in my first grow I know to be superior! No seed, of any type I’ve ever put in the ground, has responded and grown as well as ILGM stock. So the results of my grow are entirely on me. I cannot fault the seed.

I won’t be growing until the next run and have several months left on my current - 1st month of veg - but i was worried about a sell out TBH.

BTW - first “real” grow and I’m doing New York City Diesel, Granddaddy Purple, and Super Skunk.
I likes the indica!

Happy Growing Everyone!!

*and I’m NOT an employee of ILGM just a super satisfied customer…free t-shirt? hint hint LOL!


I sure did!

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Mine will be here Saturday!!
I ordered the auto but I can’t wait to get this in the dirt. I’m sure the yield is “in a perfect setting” but damn, I hope I get close

If it truly is g13 ill be ordering it ASAP. I just find it hard to believe that it would be original g13. Unless we have a leak.

G13 is not of unknown origin. It’s the strain that was used in the trials that propagated ‘reefer madness’ type propaganda. It was created by the United States government.

Which I see ilgm refers to in the second paragraph. But puts unknown in the first. Should really watch Reefer Madness if you haven’t. It’s largely responsible for Marijuana laws in America. It’s hilarious


I remember them screening the movie at school. Scared most of the student body. Guess that was the point.


Yup. Was the point exactly. Because when you have the munchies and can’t find a twinkie. Well… of course you’re gonna start eating people… ROFLMFAO

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I have some G-13 going, all still seedlings. Stay tuned.


Let us k le how it grows
Curious about the G13 , probably because it’s origin is mysterious

It could effect you and you and you!!!
Shit had me dying as a high kid!!! I was oh shoot, me…lol I am

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With a reputation as one of the most reliable seed banks anywhere I would hope they wouldn’t risk their reputation on some bogus seed.
I feel sure it’s what it says.

Also, I’ve been doing some reading and the only other source for G13 seed I could even find reference to is some guy in Chile.
I’ll stick with Robert and Company.

I suppose they list it as unknown because the only other accurate description, according to what my research shows, would be “everything but the kitchen sink”. LOL!
It’s a hybrid, of a hybrid, of a hybrid!

Hell, if it’s half as good as advertised I’ll be happy!

Again - all depending on the farmer - the seed is good!

edit: BTW - the war on marijuana was started by the newspaper industry and the tree farm lobby.
They didn’t want the competition from hemp paper and marijuana got lumped in because “black” people and other “undesirables” were regular users.
This is all verifiable facs.
Good ole American racism!


Hey new guy here!!
Just got mine in the other day. Looking forward to this grow. Back in the late 90s G13 was the first real bud I ever saw and tried. Being from a small town it was mostly swag or “mid grade” but it blew me away. The guy I got it from ended up being the grower and over the years became my best friend/brother. He only had that strain a few times but I swear he told me the yield on the strain was really low and that’s why many including himself didn’t grow it a lot. My friend passed away a few years ago so I’ve been on a mission to get some of his favorite strains. He taught me the little I know (he would invite me to his grows from time to time) so now I’m trying to grow my own off the knowledge I retained. Gonna be needing some of y’all’s help in the future


Just got the mail today. Guess I’ll be contacting customer service. :anguished:

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Man. That sucks. At least the insurance is included.

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Just emailed support with some pics. Yeah it does kinda suck but I’m not in a bad way or anything. Was gonna run the G13 when I finish up the AK. Maybe @ILGM.Stacy can help me out?

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Don’t forget it’s Saturday. Office staff isn’t on on weekends.

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I’m in no rush. Still have a while to go on the current run.

That is not cool!
It almost looks like they were stepped on or driven over or something.
I highly doubt they looked like that when shipped.
Hopefully they’ll make it right for you.

edit: On the plus side - the meat looks good and fresh. But still - Damn!

Who knows with the mail? The LSD autos look ok, but the great news.
It’s Sunday and customer service emailed me today!! Verify mail address with some new beans. Awesome :boom:


Good deal! I figured they’d make it right.

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​Thought I’d share an Email response from ILGM customer support.
And all of this was on a Sunday! Thanks Maria. :+1:

Thank you for confirming your address. We will reship your order using different stealth within 2 to 4 business days.

Shipping usually takes between 4 to 10 business days.