Anybody know ROSIN?

Hi all, I’ve recently pressed about 500 grams of 140 micro kief into… 24 grams of rosin. HOLY shit that was a lot of work and I’d like to hear: What I’m doing right. What I’m doing wrong. How I can improve and finally… HOW THE BLOODCLOT can I package this for sale into 1 gram glass jars.

  1. I’m stuffing my kief (140u) into 75 micro bags. Most are 2x6 but some are 3x6".
  2. I have a 20 ton bottle jack (without pressure gauge) with heat plates.
  3. I’m loading 8-10 grams of kief into the 2x6 and close to 25g into the 3x6
  4. Heat plates are set to 69c/156f degrees
  5. I’m pressing lightly for 45 seconds and then slowly increasing pressure until 2:30.
  6. My kief/dry sift is a couple months post harvest.
  7. I’m only using a single bag. Not blowing out at all. Should I be double bagging? Why?
    Here’s the various results:

So I roll that all together to get a nicely colored 8gram putty.

For some reason, my follow up day of squishing comes out much darker and oilier. I end up with slightly higher yield.

I roll all this up. It’s SOOOOOO sticky I can’t touch it with gloves. I’m not sure how to handle this without making a mess. I add it to a glass jar and stir as much as possible. Seems to lighten the color a bit.

  1. What am I supposed to do to ‘cure’ the rosin? Why?
  2. How do I package it into individual 1gram concentrate glass jars for sale?
  3. What else do I need to do to it?
  4. How can you handle it with it being so sticky?
  5. I don’t seem to be yielding much. How can I get my rosin to ‘flow’ out of the parchment paper?
  6. PLEASE can someone give me a full walkthrough of how to package, press (time and pressure - remember I don’t have a gauge), collect, handle, cure and package for sale?

Thanks so much. I just went through ALL my sift :frowning:


Not me @zyzyx but @blackthumbbetty knows a few things :wink:

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Unfortunately, rosin gets partially decarbed. THC is just liquidy/stickier than THCA, so it won’t ever really shatter up or anything.

You can air purge it a couple days.

Be careful whipping it. It does make it lovely looking, but you can lose some terps.

Freezing it a bit, just a few minutes, could help it be more manageable for packaging, but it can become brittle and fly everywhere, if you’re not careful. Lots of people just use parchment to package.

I don’t make rosin, myself.

Smoke it in a Dab Rig. I can’t tell once strain apart from another as it tastes the same. Now I see the hype about the Dab Rig. I could actually taste a difference but I don’t have a lot of kief nor a strain with a lot of juice as I call it.

You need a dab mat and dab tool. They have them on

I haven’t bought this kit but you will get the ide. Go to Youtube and look for Dabbing Grandma.

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@Bogleg presses. He will be able to provide more info than I will.
Lower temps definitely help with getting it unstuck from things.

Chill a silpat which is a rubber baking mat. Put your wax paper on it and scrape off.the chill from the mat works wonders.

Yeah, I’ve got the removal down but not sure how to get it into individual 1gram jars for sale.

Small pieces at a time.

They have those rubber containers. The ones I have seen for sale was 1 gram in parchment paper.

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I have some of those containers… they work well.

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I have two as well. One for kief since my weed isn’t filled will resin.