Anybody know anything about Fox Farm nutes?

MI’ll give you the quick-ish version. I wish I’d known some of these when I started.

If using ffof soil the plants rarely need nutes until the second month of veg. Just water them with water pH’d to 6.2-6.8. If it’s municipal water with chlorine be sure to let the water sit out, open, for at least 24hours. Ps. Chloramine will not off gas, only chlorine. Get decent pH meter!!!

Make sure you test the pH of your mixed nutes before you feed the plants. Aim for pH 6.2-6.8. Use pH up or down to adjust. Some people use lemon juice or baking soda. Ymmv.

When feeding, pour 1/2cup pH’d water/ gallon of container size around the perimeter of the plant and let it sit for 5-10min. Then Slowly add the nutes until you see about 10-20% runoff from the bottom of the container (make sure there are plenty of drain holes). Let runoff sit for 5 min, then remove excess. This may require a gallon or more /plant. You’ll have to judge how much each requires.

I test the runoff (pH and ppm) to keep track of where my soil/roots are.

Don’t forget to flush according to fox farms schedule. The plants will need it. You can use their sledgehammer, or florakleen, or shitloads of fresh water.

You can start out at 1/2 or 1/4 strength nutes for the first few feedings. I fed about every 3-4 days, depending on the plants needs


I have used Fox Farm neut’s exclusively for the past 6 years. I don’t try and reinvent the wheel, just follow their directions on the bottle. Grow in soil, Happy Frog or CoCo Loco… Use grow big, tiger bloom and big bloom as directed and have never had any issues. With that said there is no magic one thing to huge yields. It’s a combination of doing a lot of little things right. Big yields are as much about light, controlling temp and humidity as it is about neut’s.
Also for first time growing stick with strains that are easy to grow. Some of the more hybridized strains can get a little finicky. I’m a huge fan of just simple Northern Lights, White Widow, Skunk… for first time growing.
Good Luck.


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Does anybody know if it’s okay to fertilize when you’re doing your final transplant

I personally would transplant let them recover and resume feeding schedule @Mavrick

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Hi i have a question about fox farms i know the ratio is 3tsp of grow to one gallon of water my question is do i pour the whole galon of into my pot its 5 gallons and om using coco coir with perilite whats the grow big ratio to coco coir. ?

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You want to feed and water until you get around 20% run off this ensures the soil is completely wet and there’s not dry pockets @MaryJanesMafia
Also make sure you ph the nutrient mix to 6.3-6.8 before feeding
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