Anybody know anything about Fox Farm nutes?

I’m a first timer, been using some miracle grow that I had laying around. I know that’s not the best stuff so I ordered a bottle of Fox farm grow big. Just curious about anyones experiences with their products

I used MG on my first grow. My thought was, it’s all just NPK, MG is cheap and convenient.

Boy, did I learn a lesson! Pot is a very touchy plant, and the right balance of the right nutes at the right time is how the veteran growers on here get 3-4x more bud than newbies like me!

So, lesson learned the hard way (but I’m glad I did it, I learned a LOT, and got to see all kinds of nute burn and nute deprivation, and their effects), next grow I’m doing the FF trio on their strict schedule.

They’ve already done the science, why mess with a formula that works?


What would you like to know? Ive been studying there soil and nutes.

Yeah they make a good product just go easy on it or you will burn your plant

These products here are the nutrients I used to grow my plants but I am also a new grower and just learning as I grow . I have learned it dont take much nutrients to be successful I am only now working up to full doses of nutrients for the final few weeks of flowering this is the results of fox farms mostly .
They were new seedlings on September 6


Cool, I’d been researching and it seemed reasonably priced and decent (I’m on a super tight budget). Planning on ordering the other two parts of the trio next payday. I’m starting out with bag seed before buying seed so I can experiment with training teqniques without having to worry about messing up on plants that cost me. Planted two in early October, soil grows using a 300 watt viparspectra

Get the smaller bottles of ff a little goes a long way they will get you far enough you will have time to learn what all you want to add to your arsenal of goodies and trust me it is like getting tattoos when you like what results you get you will want more .


topped this one twice and using some lst


And the benefits of strong genetics cant be understated . Like the ones on the ILGM.:wink:
Hammer .

Almost 8 weeks from seed in soil, just got my fox farm grow big a bit ago. Only watered twice with it so far, trying to make sure no nutes burn.

really has exploded

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Over priced. Organic fertilizer, in 250 ml. size, will care for 10 indoor plants.

Nice buds there @Oldstoner
I’m using fox farm nuts also for the first time and was hoping for nice results after seeing your pics I’m sure I will be happy
Happy growing to all :+1::+1::+1::+1:

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I started off easy at about half strength

Nice :+1: I’m using about 1/3 rd of recommended as per fox farm schedule for starters and will increase as need so :hugs:

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only one of the three was female, also happened to be the smallest of the three.

I’ve used FF trio and some supplementals for about two years now. When I first started out, I downloaded their schedule and fed religiously, starting out at 1/2 strength and moving to full strength by flowering time. I have found that not giving any nutes for the first three weeks (I use a 50/50 mix of FF Happy Frog and FF Ocean Forest) and then starting at 1/4 strength give fantastic results. I also used to feed every watering per the FF schedule. I no longer do that and it only feed every other watering. I gave gotten to the point of less is more and you begin to let plant tell you what it wants. Point is, whatever you use, start slowly, only feed every other watering, and check your plants daily to notice any issues.

Has anyone tried the Black magic nutes product

irregular feeding schedule, definitely some soil issues but my first grow and using FF. About nine weeks in, had three plants and this one was the only female. Was about ten inches when I went to 12-12. Not too bad, maybe another 2-3 weeks till I pluck er


FF is awesome stuff. Real strong, I use it myself, I want to try dynagrow as I heard it is cheaper and easy to use.

I started my plants in fox farms ocean forest soil and now I have just bought the soil trio as well as some cal mag plus. When I’m starting to give them nutes should I start on the week the plants are or should I start from week one? Also when it says to mix into a whole gallon does each plant recive a gallon of water per feeding ? Any help would be greatly appreciated!