Anybody know about using coconut water for your girls?


Hey all,
I was reading a thread not too long ago about using coconut water as a growth hormone but I can’t remember which grower it was :confounded: I thought I’d save some research time and see if I could get some help from someone with experience or anyone else that had input :man_student: :writing_hand:
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@Not2SureYet mentioned this in an article he forwarded to me. It might be beneficial.


It was in the journal “cloning with aloe” by mrcrabs.


Awesome thanks @Drillbit


@Mrcrabs could you share some info on coco water plz?


@Hogmaster told me about using aloe as cloning gel and it works. I’ve had success dropping in soil so long as I use seed starter soil.


Sure buddy what’s up? @Redeyedranger. I will be checking in from time to time, if you need a specific explanation, but I just normally use cocowater on my clones the first sings of new growth, maybe once a week, for a small batch of water I mix about 12.25ml per quart of water(R.0. or rainwater only).


Thanks @Mrcrabs I guess what I wanna know is whether or not it’s beneficial for larger plants or will it be effective enough to even worry about? And can you use it as a foliar spray? What are the downsides if any like burn or build up?
I was thinking it may be a good additive like cal-mag.
Thanks in advance :v:


@blackthumbbetty any input on this?
I was reading on line and some use like a 1/4 cup per gallon to as an additive or "vitamin "


It can be used like a foilar spray or soil drench, 1/4 per gallon. It can be used during any stage of growth with caution, don’t use everyday. It’s high in potassium and lots of extra vitamins and minerals, after use I water regularly, good luck. @Redeyedranger


Appreciate your words of wisdom @Mrcrabs


Np,buddy anytime my friend


I’ve never heard of this, but sounds promising! I read through a few articles.


Thanks @blackthumbbetty that really helps :hugs:


I bet you could find some scientific articles with actual percentages of various vit/mineral components & such, so you could really dial it into your feeding regimen.


I think I’m gonna try it for a while. Appreciate the help :writing_hand: