Anybody here pay with cash?

I see that credit card is discouraged for ordering seeds from here

My only other option is paying with cash, and that’s a little nerve racking but I’m guessing that you guys have probably done it without issues so let me know your experience whether good or not so good


All the time. Never a problem
I send it first class with tracking. Cost a few bucks but I can see where it is.


That’s encouraging thanks for quick reply and good morning to you


I’ve been ordering from ILGM for probably at least five years and have always used a credit card with no issues.


Sounds like I’m covered either way :grinning:

Same. Although have to use my m aster card. V is a won’t go through.

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Oh that’s good to know

Sounds like it’s going to be cash then as my card is ■■■■

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The V word that shall not be spoken

Just ordered 10+10 of the blueberry, gonna smell like cupcakes up in herea


I sent cash and it took no time before I received my seeds with no issues

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I have ordered ILGM seeds many times with both cash and CC…
Never had a problem, prompt delivery And germination guarantee!
Best place for seeds that I’ve found.

Good Growing

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I use capital one with no issues.

Used cash…no problems.

Awesome thanks for putting my mind at ease

I dont think it matters ■■■■ or ■■■■■■■■■■ , it is the institution that it is issued from that may not let the transaction be completed. When I ordered my first time the card didnt work so I just used a different one. Ended up capital one card worked fine.

Uh why does it block shit out. Dumb

For some reason v isa and m aster card get censored

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Rightfully so. They are dirty words.

I Do find it hilarious that the forum auto-filters those words but not curse words and instead relies on adult humans to chide other adult humans for potty talk.


My ■■■■■■■■■■ worked with no problem.
Just gonna see if it blocks this out
Holy S. It does!!

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Might as well do bitcoin it’s just as untraceable and you have slightly more peace of mind that it went through

I’m in Australia so it might be different in other countries but I ordered and sent cash & I never got my order.
I got a tracking number when I posted it, checked a week later…said received
ILGM now says they never received the payment
Many other Aussie’s on reddit…same situation