Anybody have any experience with commercial equipment?

I am starting up a large indoor grow and I am needing some help with the equipment for larger rooms. Is there someone I can contact?


How large and what equipment are you looking for?

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4 40x30 ft rooms. I need to know what room controller, overhead dehumidifier, which mini split for each room. I want each room to control itself. So I am needing to know what room controller to get as well. I think that is my biggest hurdle is the controller. I have the other stuff kinda narrowed down.

I’m not hvac guy, sorry.

3 ton mini split each room

That’s what I was looking at were 3 tons.

What about a room controller?

What do you mean by controller? Each mini split comes with its own or you could possibly twinn them together

3 ton unit enough to account for all the lights and large dehumidifier? Even if half of that was canopy, I would expect a couple dozen de fixtures at minimum, probably more.

For his square footage. Don’t know what lights he’s using and what the heat load is but 3 tons should be sufficient.

Also he’s not going to need a dehumidifier the mini split does that

I’m familiar with ductless units, but pretty common to still have dehumidifier in rooms this size.


Thermostats for each room. You’ll also want to insulate the walls so the temps from other areas/outside do not affect your environment.

You’ll want large scale humidifiers, horticat makes a decent one you’ll need multiple for each area and run those on a humidity controller. Per table/ area setup.

30x40 is 1200 sq ft. But what’s the height? Everything measures in cubics not Sq’s

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Mini splits won’t handle the work load you’ll need to run commercial box duct

A 24,000 btu mini split would handle a 1500 sq ft room with 8 ft ceiling.

Move it into a commercial warehouse and it become obsolete.


Some pictures of your workspace and a rough design would help a bit as well

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What’s the budget ?

Forced air would probably be the way to go with proper ducting. Quest makes great overhead dehumidifiers.

I hope you have a huge budget.

Google grow room equipment may bring up a few outstanding companies that will set you up with all your needs.

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Yeah so a 3 ton will do 2000sqft no problem and we are using all 650r so the heat won’t be unbearable. Have to pick up 118 of them. I will be putting all of the drivers on the outside of the room.

My budget is $1,000,000.

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