Anybody grow any chemdog

the size of the plant seems very short.


Pics?? How old is the plant. Could be alot of factor or could just be genetics

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Welcome to ILGM forum. I grew 3 on my last grow, 2 of them was short and stubby. One grew out of control. All 3 were in the same tent, under identical conditions. So, what caused 2 of them to remain small and 1 to grow huge. :thinking: Almost has to be genetics. Even though the seeds came from the same pack and shipment, doesn’t mean that they came from the same plant. Here’s a couple of pics to illustrate the difference.

The larger Chemdawg.

One of the smaller Chemdawgs

If your girls are healthy and not having other issues then, most likely it’s due to genetics. If you would like put up some pics and your stats. Someone may be able to help if you are having trouble.

I took some cutting from the plant and they are growing very well and all ready over a foot high. They been growing for about 2 weeks. My plant that i took the clones from were like your small plant. I think i might have stressed it out when i transplanted it to bigger containers.

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The plant was in veg state for 12 weeks, and in flowering stage now and they are starting to bud. I think i stressed the plant out when i put it in a bigger pot. it looks health now and i took some clones from it just to try and they are thriving very well.