Anybody ever used or know someone who has used KIND LED's

I need to set up a covert grow tent with LEDs but I don’t want to buy them unless I know that someone has used them and that they work…

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Kind are pretty high end LED’s…there are videos on youtube to show the results they generate.

Yeah, the thing is I would actually like to talk to somebody who has USED them because I’ve done pretty much every bit of research I can do and watch everything on YouTube. But the only real reviews I can get on the KIND LED is from KIND.
I’ve been trying to find someone who has actually used them for quite a while. It’s almost like an urban legend. I’m not sure they even exist anymore.

at first i thought you said King LED, then i tried KIND, and wow they look really nice but super expensive…

One of the advantages in Kind Led lights is the timer and intensity setting you can control on a built in timer system on they lights , verses just a switch , are like Advance Led lights I used has a dial turntable knob to control intensity , but on a Kind Led you can set a timer in intervals for different par lumens on a timed schedule , from less intense when lights come on , than in 2 hours more intense , and after 8 hours very intense to almost mimicking natural sunlight from sunrise to mid day to evening sun into darkness , so that’s a helpful variation in Kind lights to have that option and now MarsHydro II epistle and Pro series Cree models has that option as well I believe . Now on my light I can just turn the dial manually to the intensity I think by judging from the naked eye on light brightness , but Kind you can actually set a timer to transmit light variation on a schedule …,hope this make sense and help you decide if the cost is worth that option you considering . Also , I do think that option is also on Apache Tech AT models as well but those LED lights are great products and really work great on effiency , heat , energy savings , and bud & resin production in your grow .

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Thanks Yoshi, that is precisely the reason that I want to get them. But I don’t want to have to find out that I need to buy other lights 2 years from now.
Like I said, I just am looking for someone who has actually used it from seed to harvest.

I don’t have one personally , but I did manage a friend grow with a Kind 600 and learn on how it function as I taught him on how to grow using LED in a grow tent , me personally I run 2 Advance XTE 200 LED with a 400 watt China Brand model which 165 actual watts times two and the China brand is about 124 actual watts which is about 450 actual watts in a 2x2x5 small tent , but I did operate , set , and managed his lights , height , and spectrum setting from veg to bloom as I taught him , so if that counts , it’s what all I know on a Kind model , so I didn’t have to purchase one to get the experience on how they operate and grow , and he finished with about 8 ounces dried and cured smokable bud with 6 auto flowers .

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Yoshi you’re the best! How did your friend’s grow come out? Was the yield approximately the same? Did you notice anything about the smell or taste terpene wise?
Most of all, do you really think that they are worth of the price and will they last as long as they say?
Haha, I just got an email from kind LED on how to adjust them in height according to the plant.
Anyway, thanks again for all your help Yoshi. I really appreciate it. Growers love, aloha

Well for smell and terpenes you can add different additives to get those results , just to name a few , Terpinator , Cha-Ching , Big Bud , Floraliscious , Crystal Burst , Silica Blast , and a few others , but your lights don’t do that , your plant nutrient uptake helps with that result , but he finish 6 auto flowers with 8 ounces I believe and probably could have been more due to early stress when he asked of my help , but over all the light worked flawlessly and did a great job on what it was rated to do in a 4x4x60 tent , so coverage was okay , intensity was great , and plants did fairly well for auto flowers . But as you know 2 growers wth the exact same equipment will get two different results depending on skill , patients , , knowledge and nutrient brands , so I cannot say you will get the same nor better results , it’s a matter of learning , figuring out your grow space , creating a stable environment , keep it very simple and consistent , and keep your plants healthy throughout the duration of the grow and you will do great if it was just one CFL bulb my friend .

Thanks for letting me know all that Yoshi. I hope you know all that from experience. Because I know all that too, but I don’t have the experience so it doesn’t add up to squat. I’m sure I’ll do okay once I get set up and rolling but first I think I’m going to just grow some dirty shake bag seeds that I collected a while ago. What I really needed was to get some information first hand. Like I said, it seems the only people doing reviews on KIND LEDs is KIND themselves. But you know what I know except you know what you know from experience. So I think you have sold me on those lights.
Thanks again and keep spreading that Growers love.

I can honestly say this my friend , and from my experience over the last 7 years of growing indoors in a grow tent with LED , Kind lights does work , and it’s a great product . But times have change due to cannabis being legalized and wide spread , it’s many brands of lights that has step up they designs to be competitive with the makers brands on the market . Viparspectra lights are great lights and has produce great results for cost , Mehzi lights works great , MarsHydro lights does an awesome job , advance platinum P series lights works , Advance Led which is the same name brand that two guys started out together but separated in business both have rights to the same name , so it gets confused when you say advance platinum and Advance LED , but advance platinum is they first model and Advance led diamond series , XTE models is the new technology , Galaxy hydro lights works , Black dog lights work , Spectra King lights work , Apache a Tech lights work , Kind lights work , and it’s probably a few more and out there and one being designed right now that will work also , but my point is this my friend , Rolls Royce , Bentley , Ferrari , Lamborghini , Bugatti don’t run commercials cause quality products cost and you can almost tell from cost on how great a product will perform in quality , but they all do the same thing right , so in all moderation there will be a certain level of cost for each individual affordable budget in spending , those who can afford Kind will buy Kind , those who can afford Apache Tech will buy , and those who can’t will buy what they can but they all will work on some level are another to fit the purpose …hope this make sense and good luck on your Kind investment , post a journal here so we all can compare and see the results of Kind products on how they lights perform .

Thanks again I appreciate it. As soon as I start up you’ll be the second person that I contact to let you know how I’m doing.

Thanks and if I can help I’ll do my best from what I know to help out my friend .,…I wish I could be on the Hawai big island relaxing .

I’m starting my first grow now with a kind led. I’d love to hear how yours goes.

Thanks Les, I will certainly let you know if it turns out okay. I will most certainly let you know if everything turns to crap.
I hope you’ll let me know how yours turns out too.
Best of luck, Hamakua

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