Anybody else try CBD flower?


A while ago my buddy introduced me to CBD oils from bluebird botanicals. I liked them quite a bit but they weren’t something I enjoyed taking. Recently I bought a PAX 3 vape and a couple grams of elektra cbd flower from berkshirecbd and I actually really enjoyed it. Am I the only one who doesn’t like THC and is buying CBD flower?


Both cbds & thc is used in my house for different family ailments. My grandson has spina bifida so i try to grow a low thc, high cbd plant for him for seizures. My hubby needs the cbds & thc. So i grow one that has high thc & cbds.(they are finally seeing bemefits to thc as well as cbns).


Want to let you know CBDhempdirect sell cbd only flowers! Great stuff, tastes awesome! Shipping in USA!


Awesome, thank you! I’ll give it a shot


Hey hope they get you the best in cbd flower. I was surprised, discreet packaging/ odor blocking and the flowers were tasty. Chardonnay flowers was nice and mellow, very relaxing and the cbd is listed in percentages.


Cbd interest is increasing, I’m growing equally part cbd to thc strains and higher cbd than thc.
I havent quite found the cbd strain I like but I’m on the mission to.


You can find the list of benefits along with affordable cards here: It's also quite cheap so you shouldn't miss this opportunity.


I like THC more than CBD. :heart_eyes:


I finally got to try some from a local dispensary and I I think it’s very calming. I’m going to mix it one quarter Kush to 3/4 CBD flower and see how that does I prefer the CBD more than the THC. But I really did like the fact that I could smoke weed and get the relaxing type of effect from it rather than I have to get up and do something feeling