Any viable option besides buying a R/O filter or distilled water?

Ive been using tap water in my humidifier, I know its not the best thing to do. Is there another option besides reverse osmosi filter or distilled water to help the tap water not be such a bad idea for the humidifier?

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No, RO / Distilled is best. Anything other than these and your chances to ruin your humidifier go up and its lifespan goes down. Invest in an RO system and call it a day, “free” drinking water and “free” humidifier water :sunglasses:

How tough of and install is a RO filter? Any recommendations? Ive heard a ton of water is wasted?

Dead simple if you have exposed pipes and install it in an open area like a basement, a little more hassle if you are going to install it under the sink…

I installed mine in the basement, super easy to access and install, no laying on my back under a sink swearing about how much I hate laying on my back under a sink… I also setup a black 55 gallon poly drum next to it on cinder blocks stacked two high with a tap at the bottom… This allows me to pull off water into a bucket for my fish tanks, for watering or whatever, 55 gallons of RO ready to use… The RO water coming out of the filters goes into the 5 gallon pressure tank initially then overflows into the barrel via a float value… This means I have on tap 5 gallons of pressurized RO for the sink drinking tap and fridge ice/water, I ran 1/4" poly lines to both of those from the basement… For discharge, I just laid a run of 1/2" PVC along the floor/wall to the sump pit, make sure to have an air gap/vent so that the sump water can’t siphon back and drains properly, look at how the condensate drain is installed on your furnace or look at pictures of condensate drains online, they should have a vent pip pointing upwards that provides vent and anti-siphon…

You can of course install it in a cabinet or under the sink, but since I have a basement, it was 100% easier to install down there in the open, and 100% easier to access when I need to swap filters! And running 1/4" lines up to the sink or fridge is easy enough as well… The biggest issue with a basement install is you have to run the drain line and find a cold water pipe to the saddle valve to get the water, generally, both are not an issue if you install in close to your furnace and hot water heater as the water line and drain line will likely already be there, you can even tap into the furnace condensate drain…

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There are countertop RO systems that just screw onto your faucet if you want to avoid the plumbing work. Just hook it on and the water comes out a hose or nozzle after being filtered.

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Ill look into that thanks

Look into ro buddy. Cheap and easy and has served me well

Depends how much water you need or what type of tank you have, some people fill up garbage cans with water, I have two tanks. It’s pretty easy to setup, here’s a pic of mine!

Collect rainwater in a clean container.

I use strictly tap in my humidifiers. Are your plants experiencing any issues from your tap water :love_you_gesture:

Do you have an ultrasonic humidifier or an evaporative one? I use tap, but it is the wicking, evaporative type. I had mineral dust problems when I used an ultrasonic humidifier.

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I’ll have to check? I purchased these when I started indoor growing and was clueless but haven’t had any mineral deposits :love_you_gesture:

I use the ZERO water filter for my water in my hydro set up…