Any truthers out there?


Anyone question everything that is put out due to the fact that governments over the years have been caught experimenting and doing things to its own citizen’s without their knowledge. Anything from nasa to deeper world conspiracies? Anyone that just seeks answers to questions that have always seemed to reside deep inside someplace dark and not discussed?:+1::v:


Yay!! A thread where we can keep all the loonspuds isolated from the rest of the forum!!


I think this forum is for growing cannabis, not crackhead conspiracy theories.


How many times do you have to say 9/11 before the loonspuds have an aneurysm?


Great now you did it! They’ll be coming out of the woodwork now :joy:


I’d like to know who’s behind the great hair scandal!
EVERY Fn time I’m about to get my hair cut it’s nothing but GOOD hair days! In the name of Mulder and Scully why???


Then you know what this one will do


It is, but within the forum there are places for us to discuss other issues, have a little fun and connect on other levels (though I strongly recommend discretion due to the nature of our original business here. You just never know who you’re talking to). I think, if it kept civil and respectful of others opinions, (a nod of disappointment towards the crackhead comment), it’s all in good fun.


I call it like I see it bud. (No pun intended)


Think it was two years ago when I got upset with SWMBO because she wouldn’t let me go to Brussels for a bit of fun.

Someone had stuck a paper in our mailbox about a protest about “chemtrails” and I wanted to go and give the afflicted a serious level of mocking, but she wouldn’t let me go because she knew I would likely end up being arrested for abusing the “intelligence challenged” people who were there…


So chemtrails, shadow governments, rouge state agencies, none of those exists? I’m a crackhead crazy because I believe that there is more to everything then what we are told? So you just blindly follow? That doesn’t seen like a good option. Why is it that everyone is so affraid to ask questions and challenge the official narrative.
9/11 since someone brought it up was an inside job not carried out by some elderly gentleman in a cave.


In a few words, yes, you are a crazy for seeing things that don’t exist.

Unless you can provide the actual hard evidence that no other loonspud has ever been able to provide, of course.


Astonishing that someone is crazy for thinking for themselves now days. I guess you are entitled to it. So the official narrative should never be questioned and the government that resides over you should never be questioned or held accountable? I’m guessing that loonspud is a term used to decribe what you would say is crazy? What would you like to discuss first? NASA( Not A Space Agency), chemtrails or how the worlds money is in control by a few wealthy families?


We could bring up the fact that nasa says we can’t go back to the moon or that we learned everything we could back in the 60’s? They lost the telemetry data, the materials they used couldn’t have withstood the temprature swings. The fact that theu say thwy can’t cross the van allen radiation belt, but somehow did it back then?


So someone who disagrees with you is automatically someone who can’t think for themselves and doesn’t question things, whereas those who agree can and do the above even though they only believe what someone who may well have several screws loose tells them to believe?

Do you also think that shady people are watching your every move?


Nope I don’t believe anyone is watching me. That’s just paranoia. I never said that you couldn’t think for yourself my friend. I believe everyone should think for themselves. No one should just blindly follow or believe everything they hear. If this topic isn’t of your interest then why comment on it? I hope you have a great day and if you ever want to actually discuss something then I’m always up for a rational adult conversation. :+1::v:


Well, there can’t be a rational discussion regarding this subject as the heart of the “truther” belief is irrationality and the blind belief in only what they have been told to believe by people with an irrational agenda.

After all, as an example, if there was any truth in the chemtrails BS then how do you explain seeing similar vortices coming off the wings of F1 cars when they are out on track during periods of high humidity?


There are contrails which are basically water vapor and then there are the other aircraft that actually spay with certain compounds of chemicals for geoenginering and weather modification and other pourposes as well. So what you’re saying is that truthers don’t investigte or reasearch anything for themselves and they follow what a few say, correct? Isn’t that what you do by listening to experts?


Dude, you lost my support with your 9/11 was an inside job line. I’m just going to back away slowly…


:joy: that’s fine not everyone has to agree on everything. That’s what makes discussion so great.