Any tips on using a scrog net?

So do you let the plant grow through the netting and pin it down and then put another Sprague nut on top or do you just put a pancake it under the first net and keep raising the net up every couple inches as the plant grows

Put your net at the desired height give yourself enough room to work under it on the plants ie water and such then as your plant grows up through the net pull each branch back under and push it to the next square out so instead of growing up you force it to grow out then when you’re nuts 70% full flip to flower keep tucking for the next few weeks the net will be full and let them start to come up out of the net I hope this helps :v:

I set my screens about 8" above the pot and switch to flower just before they touch the screen. Then I fell the screen during stretch. This saves me about 3 weeks veg time.

Plant in the back is 17 days into flower, plant in the front is about 5 days into flower


@Not2SureYet I know an old post so apologize for revamping. Any idea What those clips called.

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My bad. Sorry I found it I was looking at electrical conduit conduit clips. Believe it or not this is called a plant trellis clip.


Thank you so much

Thank you for your reply

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How do you have your net connected to the pot or the lid? Also how big is your actual net?