Any tips on planning vacation time?

Im new at this. Trying to work on a schedule. If i plant my ILGM white widow autoflower seeds may 1st. Think they will be done by mid july for my vacation?

How do marijuana growers go on vacation? From my first grow i know either my plants or grow room needed something from me nearly every single day.

Any advice from people who have grown and gone on vacation same time?

Have someone you can completely trust watch for you other than that move your grow to harvest fight before vacation

Im growing them in my summerhouse.Lol Im always on vacation here

Right then you can switch to 10 hours of light in flower to help speed up the process but I’m not sure exactly what your time frame is lol

I live in Turkey :smiley:

I live in the US

good for you bro :smiley: I am going to visit US next spring

What part are you coming to see

California/San Diego

I hear it’s nice never been to California

in which part do you live in ?

Thanks guys. I have no one i can trust to come water my plants while im away.

Its starting to look like growing marijuana will deliberately ruin any chances im getting of last minute vacations or weekend getaways.

Its like every time i get invited to a friends cabin “sometime this summer”. Or some buds are flying to vegas for 4 days this weekend. I have to pass. And pretend im busy. Because im growing

Not always watch the tricombs

I live in the middle Oklahoma


They don’t …unless you have someone you can trust…but that never works out.
Even when you lay it out on pet. The dumb ass’s will do something else. And you come home to almost if not dead plants .
I hear it and see it all the time never fails. It even happens to me by a grower who knew better…ya right

Sorry but its the truth


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Trying to turn a full time job into part time sucks no matter the industry good luck having same problem maybe we should start a Union lol

I had the same problem when we took a vacation this summer. My solution was timers for the lights and an automatic watering system. I used a simple dial timer and the watering system in the link below. After we got back from vacation, I just left the automatic watering going and only looked at my plants every other day or so. It seemly made the grow go by a lot faster because I wasn’t sitting in front of my girls all the time.


That device would be great if you have a big enough reservoir; Otherwise, you will need some ingenuity. :slight_smile:

The auto waterer has clips on it. I have those clips clipped to a 5 gallon bucket. I set the waterer to run twice a day for 99 seconds while I was gone for a 9 days. It pumps about 3 cups

of water each time it kicks on. That volume is decided up between 3 plants. After 9 days the bucket was all but empty. A larger reservoir would have been nice, bit I noticed that the waterer allowed water to syphon to the plants with a taller 8 gallon bucket. Next time I’ll likely add a second bucket with a syphon hose between them to avoid running them dry. Now I’m using what I think is a 3 gallon cat litter bucket and only fill it every few days.