Any tips on building your own carbon filter?

I’ve just installed a 6 inch fan into a 600mm x 600mm x 160cm tent however it only has 250CFM’s so when I connect it to this carbon filter I’ve slapped together, the air just blows back into the tent when ideally it should be sucking air out of the tent through the filter, (as I have it set up with the filter on the outside of the tent), I’m thinking the filter might be too full of charcoal?, however it doesn’t seem like this fan has enough strength to either suck out of a filter, or blow the air into a filter whichever way you have it, any tips?

Brother I’ve read your post several times and I’m confused.

Normally the filter is inside the tent and then the fan and then the ducting to take the air out of the tent.

The fan is directional so if air is blowing into the tent then that means the fan needs to be flipped over so it is pulling air out.


I don’t have room in my tent so the open end of the duct is inside my tent and the fan is pulling from the tent and pushing it through the filter.

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I thought the fan was blowing air out the back into the tent thus not creating suction, but it turns out it IS creating suction, just not much, but I decided to just buy a filter any way

It’s cool to experiment, but sometimes the commercial applications win out. Get the filter for now and maybe keep tinkering with it. 250 CFM should have been big enough to do that with no problem.