Any tips for using the Carson MicroBrite Plus 60x-120x microscope to look at trichomes?

It seems that one needs to be perfectly still to get a good look at trichomes. I looked in the reviews for suggestions, where a couple folks said to cut off a tiny piece of bud. Umm, I don’t want to do that. Any other tips that don’t involve mutilating my plant? LOL.

Perhaps the Microbrite isn’t for me, and maybe a different device, like maybe a simple jeweler’s loope, might be sufficient?

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Take 100 pics and two will be clear enough to see :laughing: I’m exaggerating obviously but I get a chair and put it backwards and use the back to help hold it still but you do have to take a shit load of pics to get a few good ones. Remember though the more you handle your buds the more trichomes get damaged and trichomes are your best friends they carry around most of your THC

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Yep, like you say. I steadied myself against a wall, several times - nope. And yes, I was very careful to not touch the trichomes. My MicroBrite isn’t attached to a camera. I had a glimpse, enough to see, yup, those are trichomes alight, lol. They first appeared a week ago, so I have time before harvest, but it’s my first grow and I want to see their progress.

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I’ve been looking at trichomes for years and I still get happy when I see em starting to form on a new flower :eye:

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I bet it never gets old! It’s like magic fairy dust … uhh yeah, it actually sorta is, LOL! I didn’t expect them last week, and so it was so cool to see sparkles near and on the buds.

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Awhile ago @CalamityJane an I were talking about holding those cheap microscopes still an this is what I did out of stuff I had in my was in this link
Bud forest and trichomes


Welcome @Twilve1! :wave::wave:

Thanks for the tag @pillsbury , yeah I ended up buying one of these

And I tighten the clamp (mine is a screw-tighten clamp, not a clip clamp) around the pole of my tent to steady it. It’s not perfect but like @MeEasy said, I do have to take about a dozen shots to get even a half decent one.
It’s tricky but persevere, you’ll get a couple of good ones.
I think an adjustable tripod type stand is your best bet if budget isn’t an issue.

Be sure to post a couple of snaps on here so we can be nosey! :grin::+1:

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I just got the same one, and seems i should have gotten something different.

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I returned mine back to Amazon, as it was no use to me, and it seemed to require anything be sitting on a flat surface.

What did you end up getting ? A loupe ? Ill prolly keep it in case i can figure a way to use it. Hand AND plant have to be totally, 100% dead still to use obviously. Luckily it was only $12. Not really into having to push it up against the bud site !! Seems no bueno.

Yes, I ended buying a regular $7 60x loupe, one that attaches to a phone, which I can use with or without a phone. It works much better than the microbrite, as far as movement. Yeah, needing to be 100% still was my experience. I considered keeping it, since for still objects it was really cool, and looking at magnified stuff would be a really good stoner activity, lol. I have rocks and crystals that looked really nice under the microbrite. On Amazon, there are reviews with pics of bugs, carpet, etc. Like I said, I almost kept it, lol. Maybe toke and report back on some views. :slight_smile: Maybe I’ll end up re-buying one, lol.