Any tips for my outdoor grow?

Question from a fellow grower:

Do you have any tips for growing outdoors? It’s my first grow. Two 5
week old plants growing in pro-mix and using RO water and hydroponic
nutrients and lots of cal-mag all pHd to 5.8. One in a 10gal pot, the
other in a 5gal. The temperature can swing 30F or more in a day. They
probably get at least 9 hours of direct sunlight a day. I’ve topped the
main shoot at node 6 and all of the other shoots after that twice so
far. The plants seem to be growing fine but some of the top shoot leaves
on the 10gal grown on week 4 after the fest topping were deformed. I
flushed the plants and new growth seems to be better. I think this might
have been a result of using tap water that needed a substantial amount
of pH down. I’ve switched to RO water for both plants now. I’m currently
feeding around 600ppm in a 3-2-1 NPK ratio with 4 of cal-mag. How
often should I feed the 10gal pot? The top few inches of the soil will
dry but the bottom will remain wet with a once every 7day 2gal feed. I’m
thinking of transplanting the 5gal into a 10gal since it seems to be
keeping a smaller size. Should I do it sooner than later?

If they’re only 5 weeks old, I would leave in in the 5 gal pot to let the roots grow for a while longer. It will be nowhere near root bound yet. give it another few weeks to a month.
Also I’m guessing pro mix is soil?? If so you should be ph’ing to 6.5 not 5.8, but if it’s soilless medium then your all good sorry I’m not familiar with promix.
You’ll notice once the plants get bigger and root system develops more they will take a lot more water, much more often. Towards the end of my grow I watered with 4l or a bit over a gal per plant every 2-3 days to keep watered. You want the pot to be mostly dry before you re water, not completely bone dry but you don’t want the bottom soil to still be very wet. Letting it dry out helps air travel to all the roots. Another reason to not transplant to the 10 gal too soon, root system isn’t developed enough to take in water quick enough to make the 10 dry out. Water would sit stagnant for ages.

Promix is not a soil. Mr.Bergman says to run at 6.0. I’ve read that 6.5 or 6.7 is good for soil. Deformed new growth could be merely from pinching. Just the immediate area that was pinched may have some cells that have been affected but still grow and will eventually grow normally.

Maybe you could shade your pots"not the plant though". Roots don’t care to be much over 70 degrees FAHRENHEIT.