Any tips for improvment

im a day shy of week 3 of flower any tips on increasing my yeild very open to any pointers on what you guys think i should improve.4 strains girlscoutcookies gelatoicecream daquiri stiiizys ice cream cake



Banana tea with molasses and fish shit will help with more yield


Hey @Sirsmokesalot1 I like your handle.
What are you working with? Tent, lighting, media, nutrient, water, etc.,
Looks like your SOG is working really well. Canopy is even and ready for the stretch. Are you using any additional deep red, far red and UVA?

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hi thank you im still learning lol this is the first run were its somewhat even this is a 4x4 tent i have better lights and one with red diods there just being used in other setups for now im using the cheap 4ft strip leds 6500 lumens and i have 3 i got carbon filter a fan pushing air out and have a hepa air filter pumping fresh clean air in i use coco 70/30 coco and perlite i uses advanced nutrients pretty much the whole line up i p.h my water to 6.2 and use a filter to take out the Clorine

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I’ve been working on my setup to take advantage of some different lighting. Take a look at this article on manipulating light spectrum with cannabis.,the%20excess%20energy%20it%20has%20from%20more%20photosynthesis.

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thanks yeah i think Ima order a spider farmer light or mars hydro i checked out that article and i probley need an upgrade

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@Aussie_autos i ve had bananas soaking in the fridge for a few weeks, adding to it now and then, i use little splashes to bring my ph down, but how do i use it to feed, how much do you dilute it?? Or how much do u feed each plant

I’d defoliate all the under growth that won’t make it to the canopy AND any big leaves that block light from penetrating the lower canopy. This will not only divert all the plants energy to fattening up those buds but also improve the air flow and light penetration.

Here’s an example,

These are a few weeks apart but you can see significantly less material in the second picture but a majority of the colas have fattened up with the plant focusing on the main growth points

If you have made a banana concentrate i would use two tablespoons per five ltrs

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@Aussie_autos thank you

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thanks, means a lot I’ve been having a lot of questions about defoliating Cuz all my yields have ben not the best and i noticed one thing different from everyone else is that i don’t really defoliate always been scared to stress the plant out during flower, but Ima do a bit of defoliating and post a update pic

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how do you make a banana concentrate?

Im not sure if im doing it right, got the idea from @Aussie_autos . I just put a pitcher of water in the fridge and just keep adding to it, with bananas and cucumber.

Ur got right sort of i put the bananas and cucumber together and i normally put a air pump into the water to get it bubbling and with that you want to use a cup to two cups of banana and cucumber water to five ltrs of water or u can just water ur plants with the banana and cucumber water with out adding anymore water to it


Banana concentrate you get four bananas cut them up in to small pieces weigh how much the banana is then put into a bowl now weigh out the brown sugar to the same weight as the banana pieces add to bowl and mix it with ur hands until it gos really soft and mushie then place into a jar put a coffee filter over the top of the jar using a rubber band to hold it there let it sit for a week then strain it out catching the liquid in a bowl once it is done put the liquid into a clean jar and put it in the fridge and when u use this u use two tablespoons of banana concentrate to five ltrs of water


ok cool ima try to make some right now thanks bro

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Thank you :blush: i book marked for future reference

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