Any tips for first SCROG

Hi everyone,

This is my second year growing. I’m on my first indoor run using photos, and it’s my first scrog. I feel good about how I’m set up, but it’s still my first time. Appreciate any input or advice from anyone with scrog experience.

One week since flipping to 12/12
Two cloned blueberry photos (I grew the clonee-plant this summer outside)
From seedsman
In 2 gallon fabric pots
Using Promix HP, amended with Gaia green dry nutrients
I have silica, kelp meal, calgmag available in liquid notes
LED Amazon light, draws ~250 w, it’s decent for a low cost noname light
In cupboard in the cold garage, about 1.8x2.75 x 5
Temp from 75-78 f
Humidity 35-50


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I think you nailed it. Looks great!

all looking good to me!

Looking good me I’d lower the net about 4 or 5 inches more leave good water room spread out the branches as much as possible now keep everything under the net. I’d also cut off all the stuff under the netting but prolly wait to cut and lollipop after the bud sites r formed so u don’t cause a stunt issues during that time. Looks great tho either raise pots up or lower net raising would most likely be easier

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Thanks Mark and everyone else!

My thoughts with the jet being at its current height is I have about 2 weeks left of stretch. I wanted them to stretch up to the net, and then for the last 1 or 1.5 weeks I would weave them in. Does that make sense? Or should I just lower the net now and start weaving?

You already flipped though. You can maintain an even canopy with weaving, yes. Would be a good idea. But to be technically correct, for it to be a scrog, you want the net to be 80% full/weaved before you flip.

I’m not sure you’ll even benefit from the trellis. Is what I’m getting at. Those girls got some fat branches. Great work. Probably won’t even need it for support.

Personally I quit using scrog net after first grow. It’s for some people. But it’s kind of like mainlining. Less efficient than just growing more plants with less veg time. Since both methods require longer veg times.

Considering clones are free.