Any tips? 5 weeks into flowering

Little small, but looks good. I think now is the time you wanna use like koolbloom or something like that

Good job. I suggest you just let her finish. I see a lot of yellow in the leaves which means the plant is finishing.

Since you gave us no info on what you are doing or using; It is hard to advise beyond that. I will say; I would be wary of adding to much of anything because, she is finished. If you add to many minerals you may harsh up the buds, losing terpenes and flavor.

Peace, lw

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Sorry new to all this… planted her Feb 15 in reg dirt out of some seeds I had gotten out of a batch then transferred her to generic soil. Never done a grow before so this is my very first time here in texas may I add. Never given her anything just been 100% natural grow so far.

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Ya I thought she was pretty small myself wonder why she never grew any larger

If it’s an auto, it probably got stressed early in life

What’s N auto?

Has to b an auto to b flowering outdoors in Tx this time of year.

Auto means the seed has been genetically modified to flower on its own. The light schedule plays no part. From the size shape and flowering schedule I would bet it is

A photo plant requires u to flip the light schedule to send it into flower or for Mother Nature to do it late summer thru the fall

Thanx for the info… so is there anything in particular I should be doing or I let it take its course? Also about how much longer should I wait?

R u feeding bloom nutes? If not u may want to start. With an auto that’s all u change she will finish up on her own

She’s been in flower for a while too. Looks like u have about 3 weeks left

Noticing new white pistols starting to come out again on lower limbs… should I wait to harvest still? And how long?