Any thoughts to what this may be?

Auto silver bullet. First grow
Soil, FFOF
No added nutes yet
23-25 days since popped thru soil
5gallon fabric pot
18/6 light/dark
75-78 degrees,53-58% humidity during light
68-70 degrees, 62-64% humidity dark
Had light to close for first 14days didn’t burn them though.
Yellow in leaf just showed today. It’s the only leaf like this.
Watered once a week as middle stays moist for about 7-8 days so I wait for it to dry more

just wondering what that little yellow discoloring is on that leaf finger

that’s rest of plant. Looks healthy to me but hey I’m a beginner what do I know…

Can’t really tell from the picture, could you try and take another pic but possibly focus it better? I know it can be hard to do, but if you can it would help!

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@ktreez420 still only finger leaf that’s like this.

We really need white light to see it.

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The first pic is the best, just out of focus. Please retake the same style picture for us, thanks

@Aquaponic_Dumme @ktreez420 not sure if this pic is any better. Just those yellow marks on the one finger of just the one leaf. Rest of plant looks great to me, all a nice green color. Plant has grown 4-5" taller since I first noticed the yellow marks on the one leaf.

If it’s only one leaf, I wouldn’t worry too much about it. Just keep an eye on it. It looks like its not new.

Yeah it’s on an older set of leaves. there is three sets above that one that look fine…appreciate the replys just the same though. Thanks.

How high is your LED from plant could be light burn my plant had that. i rased light and it went away but im only on second grow myself

I have my light at 24" now,(was 20") plants responded well to it. Think I’m at about the max closeness I wanna be at… time will tell. I appreciate everyone’s input, so far what I like best about this site is the quickness that you receive replys. Thanks all, And stay growing!

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