Any thoughts or recommendations for Pain?

<"Hi, I have been growing organic going on 3 years including your Gold Leaf–which is quite good. Because of multiple back surgeries I have for many years used fentanyl for pain. Subsequently (and never before) I started getting migraines that proved to be from fentanyl. Marijuana for me was a miracle because it would blunt a migraine in a couple hours in what would otherwise be a 3-day puker. A month ago, the marijuana failed and I ended up with a full blown migraine. Since, I have discovered the marijuana is causing daily migraines whether vaped or ingested–within an hour. Frustrating that the blogs equate a bad headache to a migraine which is like comparing a marshmallow to a rock. Hydration is the only consistent recommendation along with a lot of other pretty whacky advice. Been to the Doc, comprehensive screen is normal & stroke evaluation twice. Also very frustrating to have something so beneficial switch to something evil. Any thoughts or recommendations?
’ Thanks, Charlie

@Niala is the migraines expert here. I tagged him for you!

Thanks! By experience I’ve become an expert on migraines, but not in the way I’d prefer. I had so much luck, as others have, in minimizing migraines via marijuana. A family member has virtually eliminated the weekly seizures he suffered his entire adult life–he has them, infrequently & very mild–but no more broken bones and concussions. He now has a new life and is productive. By his recommendation I started legally here in MI. Then on May 28 it all failed and I have been miserable since.

Try switching strains, may be getting tolerance.


Maybe try Amnesie Haze, its supposed to help with Migraines. And its a auto flower so it grows fast.


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@Niala is the expert. Sorry he didn’t pop in yet. I tagged him again. In the meantime if you use the site search and put in migraines there is a ton of info already posted

Here is a post @Niala wrote about his experiences