Any thoughts on this?

Granddaddy purple.
Ocean Forrest
Thats all i know.

Long story short
I inherited plants 3 day ago.
After triming and inspecting. I have found a few leaves that have a spots lime this.


I guess I can’t see the spots! :thinking:


Looks pretty healthy to me.


They’ll probably perk up with some TLC. I see nothing to worry about.

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So far i have followed your advice on 2 issues one was a ph .
It has been spot on…

Beautiful!! Just beautiful :star_struck:

I see the “spots”. I suspect there may be some tiny pests on her. I’d treat thoroughly with CJDB. Here’s a zoom:


Those look like beginning trichome stalks from here. Still check for anything crawling on the back, but I think it is normal.

These would be mine.

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Looks a little too regular for pest. Too perfect. I thought that might be some rubbing.

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Some of my leaves did this and it was because I had a fan blowing a little too hard on them although this does look as severe and wrinkled as mine did

Dumb question but was the picture taken after a heavy watering?

Nvm y’all lookin for spots and I’m lookin at the shape of the damn leaf, sorry!

I with others not really seeing anything, I might guess, are you spraying your plant with water ? Or a mister maybe? Or might be leaves rubbing against each other or something. I don’t think it’s pest you would see what ever your seeing in more one spot? But I’m taking shots in the dark. Sorry couldn’t be of any help☹️

Looks like their doing ok id just continue feeding them. Give her a compost tea that might help level things out good luck!

Look healthy to me! Nice inheritance :love_you_gesture:

After watching the girls for several day those brown spots are not effecting any othe leaves and removing them none have returned.
It may have been a humidity issue.

This community is the best TY for all the advise



Quick update on the Granddaddy Purple. Just did some defoliage??? On fan leaves . what dovyou think?

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