Any Suggestions greatly welcomed

I’m liking the node spacing. Good job! :+1:t2::v::sunglasses:

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I’ve never tried autos before, photos are just easier to me. I heard of Coast of Maine on here actually and ordered it from their website, it was alittle pricey but it intrigued me. It is water only to a certain time frame, then you need to begin nutrients. I went to about week 5 veg before starting nutes. The light height is spot on for the age and honestly the LED lights are pretty forgiving. I’ve been told by many mentors on here to always watch the plants, they will tell you what they need. You’re doing great.

I’ll have to give it a better look after all my kind soil is gone. It is just so easy and was one less thing to worry about being my first grow. Thank you! I am pretty happy with the plants so far.

Happy ladies!


@spyonyou so I noticed my gorilla glue auto looks like she might have some nitrogen toxicity. Also both of my LSD leaves are deep green towards the middle of the plant and leaves are starting to have a sheen to them. They are alittle droopy i just watered. Im in kind soil so I can’t really do anything about what I believe is excess nitrogen. @SilentHippie I noticed you have used kind soil and wonder if you ever experienced this?! I just have to let it ride but I am curious as to if there will be adverse effects to the excess nitrogen (if that is in fact what it is) and if the plants will be greatly affected?

Also plant in left lower corner a few of the newer top leaves are a bit twisted but my PH is 6.8.


On the GG, If you bring the side branches down level with the middle, it will keep the plant even as she starts to bud.

Keep in mind, you may need to get a little creative to keep all the plants the same height from the light. So, you may have to put something under your plants to keep them the same height as the rest of the plants.

Is the LSD auto or photo? You may have to back off the nutes some for it. N tox will make them that way sometimes. I believe if you back off the nutes that may help.

That is common. They will also appear to be a light green.

Looking gorgeous! :+1:t2::v::sunglasses:

On GG ill give her a straightening out thank you for the suggestion. On the others and the nitrogen toxicity I’m in kind soil (water only soil) so I’m not using any nutes. But my LSD are photos. The plants are fed from the kind soil that is in the bottom of the pot. Im wondering the bigger they get will they have more of a need for the nitrogen and the excess diminish? Just trying to get ahead of any possible issues. Also do you have any suggestions on a preventative for pest?

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Girls are looking pretty! Both LSD photos are getting some height on them and starting to bush more too! Sitting in the room today I noticed a small amount of gnats (2 or 3 live and 2 dead on top of lights). So… I got some sticky traps ordered as well as some misquote bits. I’ll put the sticky traps in asap. And then my next watering im gonna soak a Table spoon of bits per 1 gallon of water and water the plants with. It is just a very small amount of gnats but im confused as to how that happened?! I don’t over water or leave soil or soil bags laying around? Im confident i will get this issue nipped before it becomes a nightmare!!


@Covertgrower @dbrn32 @CMichGrower

Are you familiar with kind soil or know someone that is?
Thanks! :+1:t2:

Someone here can probably help with bugs issues and probably the soil as well.

Looking good @Mrs.Daisy :+1:t2::v::sunglasses:


Not me, and the member that was my go to on it no longer active here. Someone will though.

I can say that it is difficult to say 100% surely you will or won’t need add nitrogen. Stuff is marketed as to be stand alone i thought, but we also know varying conditions can always change things.


@spyonyou thank you! @dbrn32 yea I figure whatever
happens happens. The kind soil is advertised as a stand alone soil and I will probably use it that way all the way thru with out adding anything if for nothing else than for experience sake. It will be good to know for my own if it is really as they claim. At this point lack of nitrogen is not the problem. I was worried about there being to much, or possibly the strains I have might be slightly sensitive to the kind soil. I know some or most autos don’t like alot of nutrients but I have also seen that proven wrong with some of the awsome things people do with their autos on here. Im sure every situation/ environment changes the needs of the plants and I will just try and be vigilant!


I wouldn’t stress over it. You could have rep from kind soil hold your hand through the entire grow and still not account for every potential problem thst could arise. Or you could do pretty much nothing and have an outstanding grow. Everyone’s conditions are different, and there are a lot of right ways to do things. Growing in organic soil is much different experience than say feeding daily with synthetic nutrients. Should you run into problems, they will likely come on slow and gradually get worse. The downside is that it will take a little time to fix, but you can and will get there if needed.

If you get into a toxic nutrient situation, the end all scenario is to flush down to reasonable ppm. So you really don’t need to have anything extra on hand for that. If you run into situation where there isn’t enough nutrients for the plants, you can combat that with some compost tea’s. I would maybe get yourself slightly familiar with that process as just in case measure.


I have done some mild research on teas. Look like I just need to get some brewing equipment! I will look into some more! Thank you for your help!!


What kind of air circulation do you have? I had a small issue with gnats as well, used a bit of DE on top of the soil, and made sure to avoid constant wetness in the top soil. I also stuck a small yellow sticky trap in each pot as well at the edge. SNS203 was suggested as a "natural " remedy. Has rosemary oil, peppermint, some other oils.

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I have 2 fans. 1 tower fan and a holmes blizzard 9 inch fan which is like a mini wind tunnel lol it moves alot of air i love it! I also run my exhaust fan constantly. I only water about every 6 days at this point. My intake air is from outside so I’m thinking maybe that could be it?! I do have some essential oils that I was thinking about putting on cotton balls and putting in the room!

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Is it filtered? If not, that is a very easy way to get pests in the tent. Lots of pests are light enough to be carried by wind, which could get sucked in…

Keep an eye on the soil, make sure it doesn’t stay wet too long. If they are in the soil, or liking the conditions, you can brush the soil lightly with your hand and see if any come out. They lay eggs in the soil

The outside vent has a pest guard on it and the inside vent has carbon filter fabric behind it. My soil doesn’t stay wet for long on the surface. Between the lights and the air flow it stays damp over night and by morning its mostly dry I would say.

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Gorilla glues little buds are chugging along. I got her as even across as I could. I did a light leaf plucking on Bruce banner and moved her ties to open her up more. She is in pre flower I spotted a few pistols. I brought all the girls up to a level field today the best that I could. plants range from 24in to 26 in. That was pretty close to the same for me for just using what I could find around the house. Also the hummingbirds an oriels are beautiful right now for any of you bird lovers! :blush:


Not sure what kind of intake from the outside is coming in but, if it’s any kind of hose vent or something like that, you can put a stocking over the hose. Keeps mats out.