Any suggestions for WPM home remedies?

I noticed a serious white powdery mildew problem on one of my crepe myrtles the other day. It’s in the front and my plants are in the back, but I don’t want to risk it. Are there any simple home remedies or am I going to have to buy fungicide?

Neem oil works for WPM, something every bud grower should already have at home.


Well, the tropical storm too care of most of the WPM and some pruning got the rest, I think. They were out of control anyway and I plan on lollypopping them next spring.

Organic JMS stylet oil.
Best product I’ve found for wpm. They make a cheaper non organic that would be suitable for non ingested plants.

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I swear by this stuff directions call for a week of application it killed all powder mold in 48 hours and washs right off

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