Any suggestions for a newbie?

Hi everyone, I’m new here but have been looking through the forums and see a lot of people willing to help out. I’m new to growing and learning a lot along the way though.

I have 3 autos going and 1 photo currently. All 3 autos are flowering but I’m seeing signs of stress and I’m not real sure what to do. I’m hoping to get some advice.

Autos are 43 days old since sprout and started flowering ~20 days ago. 2 of the autos have been LST too. Im only real concerned with the autos as I’m getting some brown and curling on the leaves. Started Fox Farm Tiger Bloom notes about a week ago at half the recommended dose. They are in Fox Farm ocean soil and have not had any signs of stress until 10 days ago. Water is ph 6.0 - 6.5 consistently since birth.

2x2 grow tent with exhaust fan on most of the time and a small fan blowing air in. Temps have been around 24-25 C pretty consistent. Humidity between 50-60 consistently during flower stage.

What do think I could do better? I don’t want to lose the whole plant(s) if its diseased.


I just read your post .
How are your plants now?

@JFAZ It’s not too often a post goes unresponded to here… Sorry no one got to you brother… Especially on your first post…

@Indicabomb 3 months later, these plants were either harvested or died :man_shrugging:

They all made it and have been curing now for 5 weeks. Just tried this weekend. A bit harsh but the effects were really nice. Next grow I need to get smoother smoke somehow.


Glad ya back and made it through that harvest. It’s a learning experience for sure🤘