Any smoke Cheese?

Anyone grow Cheese? How is it? I know it has low THC. I chose it for my first grow cause a lot of people seem to be moody around me.

hey @DrNoobThumb welcome to ILGM. so ur growing cheese huh? thats cool. i did not know its a lower thc content. I know some people on here have talked about growing and smoking cheese, but i havent yet. good luck on ur grow. ur in the right place

It’s 14% THC. Seems low from looking at numbers. But it’s high CBD. I don’t smoke so I wouldn’t know. I take a hit here and there that’s about it. Just courios what people think about it

Not all cheese strains are the same. My Blue Cheese can have up to 22% thc. :grinning:

I love cheese strains. Some of the most delicious & stinky weed out there, in my very humble opinion.


Just reg cheese says 14%

14% thc is respectable. Remember, there’s more than thc involved in the overall smoke experience.

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What breeder? Ilgm?

Yea I got it from ilgm

Can you private message people here


I love Cheese. Any cheese strain.

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No pm in this forum. :slightly_frowning_face:

Ok well this is my setup. Can I maximize my grow? Lamp is 600 but pulls 260. One plant.

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