Any rockwool growers out there?


Need a bit of advice on where the best place to keep my seeds whilst they soak? How much light I should give them when I transfer them to the rockwool… Also just want some advice from other rockwool growers. Have had quite a few members help me tremendously already with getting ready and some grest advice for my first grow. And yes I have the grow bible.


I would split a 1 1/2 raw cube, put seedling in center, then close back and secure with a rubber band


Hmmm ok. What about a bucket with a circle cut out of the lid, place a pasta strainer in there and silicone it. Fill strainer with rockwool loosely. Place germinated seed on said rockwool and gentle cover with more rockwool


Try reading up on hydroton and netpots. May be more of what you are asking about


Oh ok. Cool. Thank you.


They can be moved into net pots from Rockwall or soil


Ok see the net pots. I’m gunna insert one of those into a bucket and fill with rockwool. So once it has germinated and I go to transfer it will go straight into rockwool. At the bottom of the bucket will be where any excess water and nutrients build up creating a reservoir forcing the roots to stretch for the water source. There will also be an air stone airating and agitating the water. The rockwool will/should hold enough moisture and nutrient to keep her going nicely aswell as having the rockwool pack firmly enough to create a solid base for the plant to grow from. That way don’t need to transfer ever. She in a home big enough to do her for the span of her life.


Pretty good plan, will work a bit better if ya use hydroton in netpots instead of filling with rockwool


Can’t even get netpots at my Bunnings :face_with_symbols_over_mouth: and really. Why is Hydroton better.


Just a personal preference. Your plan will work


Oh ok. Well I may even try that method aswell. Always open to knew techniques. Just outta curiosity where is the best place to keep my seeds and where is the best place to keep whilst soaking them? I normally just leave them on the dining room table ?


They should be in the dark, somewhere warm. Some people put them on top of the cable box.


Is that for storage and germination. ?