Any Recommendations for outdoor 5 months of 16/18 hrs photoperiod?

A customer has a question or concerns and I hope we can get some opinions on it, thanks

“Please advice on any outside variety or outdoor strain that is good for 5 months of 16/18 hrs photoperiod, what can you recommend. Or any info would be great, maybe also for 14/20 hrs of daylight in Alaska. Thanks in advance.”

@ILGM.Becky being from Alaska myself this does depend on the area of Alaska mostly. Being in the southeast, (rainforest country) if I were to do an outdoor grow I would look for mold resistant outdoor labeled strains because of the amount of moisture and the problem that creates. Interior Alaska is a bit different. As long as the plant is started early late winter/early spring indoors, then transplanted outdoors when outside temps average above freezing they should do just fine.

@GreenThunder maybe you have some thoughts on on your area?


I don’t think I would try growing outside in rain county :worried: I’m sure the summers in the interior would be prime but I don’t know that area (geographically or outdoor methods)

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@GreenThunder co-worker grew outdoor and was started inside to give it a head start. When it went to flower when the days got shorter it did fine. As long as the customer chooses a shorter finishing strain, they should be good. Even in rain country.
This is the best I can suggest without knowing more geographically where in AK.

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I wonder if you will have enough time between the shorter days that starts them flowering and frost? You might have to stick with autoflowers so they can finish earlier in the fall. There is a good reason why ruderalis strains are from Siberia: They are all autoflower just because of this problem. Fortunately for you, breeders have crossed some great strains with ruderalis to make them potent AND autoflower. If you go with auto, you can start them inside, put them out once the frost danger is past, and not worry about photoperiod.

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Force your photo into flower usin a large garbage can or big barrel of some sort. But you need to remember to take it off before sunrise…and re cover every day in flower, which is a big hassle


just a thought but auto strains might be a better choice since they don’t require shorter days to start flowering ?