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Hi, Instead of different threads for my different/random/future questions, I’ll try to limit them to just this thread. My home base… My apologies for common questions… We all have lives outside of the internet and sometimes, it’s just easier to ask than go searching through article after article… I thank each of you ahead of time who take the time to be helpful. How awesome.

I’ve tried to save a list of random questions to start with and feel free to answer some and not others.

#1- When LST is literally tied low to the ground/pot… “Is it more important for large fan leaves to get light OR the bud sites?” (My large fan leaves tend to get tucked down and eventually die, which I think is natural to a degree) But the rest of my canopy is nice and flat and appears to be getting great light.

#2- When using really low LST, I tuck my large fan leaves to the outside of the pot and almost always end up laying down flat against the pot. Seems like I have to use twist ties just to keep them up. All other leaves continue to grow toward the light, but not the large fan leaves.

#3- “Does it matter WHICH leaves are getting the best light when it comes to tucking leaves for different bud sites?” Meaning, when trying to keep a canopy even, does it help to hide/shade certain bud sites to help other bud sites play ‘catch up’? Or another way to put it, Is the growth of any branch directly effected by the leaves ON that branch? OR just important that the OVERALL plant receives enough light?

#4- I have an Amazon ‘Bestva 1,000w light’ and has a Veg switch and Bloom switch. They seemed to be happy on just Veg, but had heard turning both Veg/Bloom at the same time was fine because autoflowers love light. However, when I tried that at the same height, my leaves started curling up AND down. And although not hot, my hand could feel a mild heat increase. More concerned about light intensity. So then I tried just the Bloom switch because they just started flowering, but now concerned over yellow spots.) Any thoughts on how I should proceed?

#5- "Does low LST (8 inches and bushy) cause any change with the need/amount of water? (Decrease?) I hear they get thirsty, but I’m at week 7 in 3 gallon cloth pots and my girls only take need to water every 4 or 5 days. (As opposed to reading about every couple days.) Granted I do bottom feed them till full.

#6- “Is there a specific amount of time to let plants bottom feed?” I use the saucer tray underneath for water/nutrient absorbtion and just keep filling it until the plant/pot stops absorbing it. THEN I pour about a half gallon of normal water over the top to help catch any dry spots.

#7- “With low LST, does there come a point where it’s bad to continue tying down the main cola to be lower than the others?” I’m referring to my ‘training days’ where I tie the main colas to the pot edge.

#8- When top watering in cloth pot, I noticed the very top soil actually still looks dry after watering. I also watch alot of it drain out the sides only halfway down. I would dig my finger in the pot and still find clumps of dry soil. Hence, I lost all confidence and switch to bottom feeding. Any thoughts on my drainage/dryness issue when top watering cloth pots?

I’m including pics of their current status if it helps. Normal red Dixie cup for size reference. (Then another post of a new problem.)

And so now, my new problem is… Mine just syarted flowering and one plant also just staryed showing a few yellow spotted leaves. The main leaf is obvious, but strange that some other leaves only show under the Veg light…

If this is that Septoriawhatever thing, my guess its because my plants are so bushy and im putting them too close together, causing too much moisture? I notice that I’m often wiping sweat off leaves that are tucked and touching.

Thoughts appreciated…

I will take on one …
The fan leaves are where the majority of work take place. Food we give the plant is drawn up and converted into usable nutrients by the fan leaves during photosynthesis. It provides the nutrients it has manufactured to other parts on the plant like buds. So buds will grow even if they get little to no light. I know some growers remove fan leaves stating they are taking energy away from the buds…But the leaf is already full grown and needs nothing. Energy comes from the light not the roots. Plant food actually comes from the fan leaves not the food we give them. Plant food is just the raw materials for the fan leaves to make what the plant currently needs. They can do their job even if they are getting just a little indirect light as there are still photons bouncing around and landing on the fan leaves. Eventually they are recycled by the plant and will turn yellow as the plant pulls out all the nutrients it can and the leaf will turn yellow and drop off. This is normal.
Others can tackle some of the other questions.


Yeah, i didnt want to peg all the questions on one person. Thanks for the info explained like that. Makes better sense now. Ive used twist ties to hold up my larger fan leaves. Gave up on others that wanted to flatten away. Sounds like i should do my best to help them keep getting light. I obviously have tan leaves all over, but its my biggest ones that act up, fold down and eventually die.

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Its a balance. You dont want it so dense that the air gets stagnant and the water vapor condenses on leaves and buds. So if by removing a few you get better air flow then by all means. Also if they are touching the dirt then its a fungal risk from mold/mildew. The plant is quite resilient though. I have seen growers strip everything from the stems and in two weeks the plant has grown all new leaves. While I personally dont see the benefit, it does show the plant needs leaves because thats the first thing it grows back.


10-4 good buddy. Thats good stuff the way i need to hear it! Something to go work on. Definitely bushy. First time grow and for me, i think i started tying down way too soon and too often. But i have learned how to grow low for sure!

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Could you have gotten some water or nutrient water on the leafs?

Good stuff from @Spiney_norman ! :+1:

From your pictures I see that is what is referred to as “blurple”. You won’t find a lot of fans of those type lights.

That is similar to my average.

Not a fan of bottom feeding. :roll_eyes: I can say your method sounds reasonable.

watering too fast. It is a painfully slow method but it is what I do. When (most) potting soils get really dry, it gets hydrophobic and actually repels water until moisture slowly seeps in. I watch the pot change color as it gets wet.


With so few leaves effected and isolated to only 1 of 4 plants, that could be possible. I try to be careful, but with everyone othereise healthy… yeah. Good thought to consider.

They look Great, just keep a close watch but I think you are good. :blush::v:

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@HMGRWN Thanks

Not proud of my blurple light, lol but the price was right and the plants are fine so far. Will upgrade. And yes, i was probably watering too fast. Painfully slow sounds about right for what id have to do. I made a mistake in yying my plants too low and had a hard time getting to parts. But shes starting to rise now so better access.

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For those spots I would suggest some cal-mag if not already in the mix. Doesn’t really look like water spots to me.

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All theyre getting is a “Simply Professional” fertilizer. Ive been leaning toward the weak/careful side of its measurement recommendations <sp? Like they just started booming and i still last gave them a Veg formula.

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Looks like they are happy with that for now. Cal-mag is very gentle supplement and often needed during flowering.

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Ive heard the name thrown around, but didnt think it was something necessary. But now i get it that just a fertilizer and good soil isnt everything for the best recipe.
And thanks. Im pretty frickin thrilled to start having the smell of skunk in my place. Proud as hell. ,)

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Imo you want colas getting most light possible while letting as little light hit floor as possible. This absolutely subjective and arguable, just where i see best results. When all is said and done, i feel keeping large fan leaves from blocking bud sites is good, but don’t strip so much that light is hitting the floor.

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You know how you said you get water spots from sweating. That is what I would say those spots are.

Water spots? FANS and air circulation too insufficient?

Well, not sure what it was. I read somewhere that sometimes when you think you need cal mag, it may actually be that you just didnt use enough fertilizer. So i tried a little more bloom solution and the problem seems to have stopped. (I cut off the bad leaves as soon as i saw them) No new spots… Although i will say that i got a splash of fertilizer on a leaf yesterday and it showed the same type spots.
Thanks for the time and help.