Any pruning tips?

Hey everyone!! So I am now on day 30 with my Auto and she is just starting to pop hairs out is now a good time to trim? I was wondering if anyone had some tips on pruning. I have been using lst to keep everything open as much as possible and have trimmed some of the larger fan leaves to let light through but now she is getting a bit outta control. I guess I am just curious which new shoots I can trim like the ones on the bottom sides of the branches and how far do I go trimming fan leaves. As well as how much foliage can I take off in 1 shot?

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The advice about trimming I was given is don’t. Only trim away yellowed or leafs that lay in the dirt . But don’t take that as gospel I am sure other opinions will differ just pick the one that makes the most sense to you and good luck

Thanks for the input! I am gonna do some training tonight and see if I can open it up more finally got a wood floor in the tent so I can fasten her down. As of right now I have been sparing on the trimming just taking the unhealthy and damaged leaves off I have been mainly trying to tuck leaves out of the way. But she is just getting a bit to bushy cause I am finding more water in the leaf clusters and the circ fan doesn’t seem to get rid of quite all the water. Just don’t wanna have mildew or end up with bud rot down the road :slight_smile:

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I agree with @Oldstoner put the scissors down but I also agree with you and train away training it will absolutely increase your yield tie it down do your thing I personally do trim the bottom of the plant where there is leaves that are doing nothing if it’s your first grow I recommend not cutting anything

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Sorry but I don’t do that to my plants


I trimmed the bottom leaves that get no light once they yellow and the smallest bottom shoots that will get no light and produce popcorn buds. Bend bend bend and bend some more.


Well I I trim the bottom too, like Jojo said (much of mine are already taken for clones LOL) but I don’t lollipop, I thought this might have been about lollipoping, excuse me if I misunderstood :v:

Thanks everyone for sharing!!! I am not wanting to trim much off the plant just trying to help open it up a bit more for light. Lollipoping isnt my intentions just trying to keep an even open canopy. I keep on accidentally damaging fan leaves when I am feeding. They just get Burnt and crispy when they get nutes water on them I trio try and not spill on them tho lol :confused:

I use a watering can :seedling::shower:

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I would definitely soak the leaves with a watering can sadly. I’ve been using a hose from a spare fish tank vacuum to siphon water out of my jugs or pails lol it will just get fun once she starts to fill out in the next few weeks.

After pruning or defoliation or topping it’s best to Feed your plants after to reduse stress

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I must not be following, I didn’t know you watered the leaves!? … I never heard of that, I’ll follow along …maybe you can put some pictures up of that process ?

I do my very best to avoid getting water on the leaves unless I am using a fine spray mister with just ph’d r.o. water or with appropriate foliar feed but I haven’t done that on this grow. Sorry for the confusion I was just saying once the new branches start filling out in the next couple weeks then it is going to get difficult to avoid getting water on the leaves.


Only prune/defoliate the FAN leaves that are blocking the light - auto or not - you have about 2 months left before harvest. Stand over the plant and you can see were the plant might need some fan leaf removal, More Light = Bigger Buds -you need a bit of thinning -out . You can do anything to an auto as you cam a regular plant in all reality. can see from photo there are some fan leaves’ that should be removed – Feed after you remove leaves - take 4-6 leaves at one “pruning or defoilation” and rmeove all “stuff” that is on the main stalk (small leaves, ect ( this helps in better air movement)