Any pro tips on an eb and flow hydro system

I got an eb and flow system and am using it for the first time things are going great so far just looking for pro tips on using it to its maximum potential! I have 8 pots running on 45 gallons of nuets a 600 watt air cooled fan in a 2x4 tent just trying to max out my grow as I’m new to an eb and flow system! image image


Very nice! Only person I know running similar setup is @Bogleg.


You flip to 12/12 already?


Still on 18/6 at the moment only on my third week just changed the water for the second time wondering if there is anything else I can do with this system out of the norm to maximize yield in the end.

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Well, I dunno how your plants will go, but let me show you a pic of my table on my last grow the day I flipped to 12/12 versus the same table 23 days later, with zero training on the clones.

Day they went into the table (under 12/12):


23 days later:

Clearly, you can see, training would’ve been a good idea. :slight_smile:

This time around I am going to train the plants to keep them single colas so I can fit more than 7 of them in there… but as you can see, with clones from a mature plant, I got like 5X growth during transition…

The clones themselves were rooted in a cloner for two-three weeks then put into the tray.


That’s pretty much my idea as well keep en singular or that’s how I got 8 in there this time. I’m gonna give them another couple weeks then flip em to 12/12


This time around I am trying to do 16 plants on a 3x3 tray (4x4 tent), but I will be training them… I’m in experimentation mode so they are all from seed and not from clone - but seeds from the same plant at least. Heh. So I will be pruning side branches this time around and keeping the plants contained in their own footprint.

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I’ve had great success with what your describing… I had 16 two foot long colas with no side branching…
Maybe I’ll try that experiment again using rdwc… :wink:



Dang it boy, huge difference in 23 days. Looking good!

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This is where I’m at nowbeen less than a month since I popped the seeds still they are stacking great like I said this is not my first rodeo but deff the first time with this system!


@Max-yeild That is the oxygen system isnt it. A fancy Ebb and Flow System How did this grow turn out i am curious since i am going to attempt a ebb and Flo myself.

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